Bella Hadid shows off skimpy underwear in open suit jacket and low-riding skirt

Bella Hadid at New York City event. Pic credit: © Press Agency
Bella Hadid at New York City event. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Admiring a model like Bella Hadid makes so much sense because she always looks flawless.

Another reason to appreciate Bella is the fact that she’s a true fashion icon.

She fits so perfectly well in the modern world of design and beauty.

Years of strutting her stuff on runways and exuding star power for magazine covers have placed her in the perfect position.

In one of her recent Instagram posts, she showed her fans and followers a little extra skin.

Bella truly knows how to make visible underwear look chic and elegant.

Bella Hadid’s underwear is still totally classy

Being a professional model means that Bella knows how to pose for pictures at the drop of a hat.

She did her thing in an Instagram shot wearing a brown-colored open suit jacket and low-riding skirt.

Since her jacket was spread apart and her skirt was sitting low on her hips, her bra and underwear were both totally visible.

The white-colored matching set looked sophisticated without being too edgy.

Depending on the event, there can be a fine line between wearing something that takes it too far and wearing something that’s more appropriate.

Bella is the type of model who knows how and where to draw those lines in the sand.

She accessorized the outfit with vintage sunglasses with brown lenses, tan-colored half tights, and sneakers with an eccentric pattern.

Being a fashionista comes naturally for Bella Hadid

In a separate series of photos on Bella’s Instagram, she posed in an all-black outfit made of several different pieces.

The cutout top looked as if it could be a vest based on where the seams opened down the center of her chest and stomach.

She had five rows of black fringe-like material around her shoulders, arms, chest, rib cage, and obliques.

Bella paired the unconventional top with a black skirt made of leather.

Although it’s common to find leather skirts on the shorter side, the one Bella was wearing was quite long.

In fact, her leather skirt looked like some of the summertime maxi skirts women love wearing, minus any bright colors.

Bella wore black knee socks tucked into black sneakers and accessorized with black sunglasses, a black headband, and a diamond ring on her pinky finger.

There’s generally always something very artsy about Bella’s fashion choices.

Rocking unforgettable outfits for any and every occasion seems to be something she’s happy to do.

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