Bella Hadid shared photos from ‘17 hour flight’

Bella Hadid is stunning in sheer top.
Bella Hadid shares toned physique after a long flight. Pic credit: © Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Even after a lengthy flight, Bella Hadid managed to keep a glowing and effortlessly beautiful complexion.

The 26-year-old model who has made her debut down the infamous Victoria’s Secrets runaway and on the cover of Vogue Magazine has been turning heads left and right lately.

Bella is known not only for her eccentric wardrobe and hourglass figure but also for her bubbly and kind-hearted personality.

In her latest share, the model amplified just that.

Bella shared an eye-catching post right after a lengthy 17-hour flight.

She shared the vibrant shots with her 57 million Instagram followers.

Bella Hadid is gorgeous in her vibrant-colored sheer top

Somehow, the stunning model managed to keep glowing as her appearance looked immaculate after the flight.

In the first slide, Bella stood against a gray backdrop as she stared at the camera while holding onto her sheer, long-sleeved top.

The purple sheer top featured abstract detailing like an array of black lines and green rectangles.

She coordinated the pretty purple piece with a red corduroy skirt. The skirt was a low-rise fit that rested gently along her hips.

In the second slide, the model was captured sprawled out along a black leather chair as she sported a green, cropped cardigan.

This slide managed to get Bella’s footwear into the shot as she wore white ballerina slippers and styled them with big purple socks.

In the last slide, the model presented her fans with a similar styled photo to the first one.

She leaned against the wall as she hugged her body while showcasing her slender and toned physique.

Bella glistened with her shimmery blue eyeshadow and glossy pink lips while her long shiny locks were tucked behind her ears.

She simply captioned the post by saying, “17 hour flight to work.”

Bella Hadid is the founder of Kin Euphorics

Even with a busy schedule like Bella’s, she has found time to pursue and further conquer her dreams.

The multi-skilled model recently founded and launched Kin Euphorics with her friend Jen Batchelor.

Kin Euphorics creates a variety of non-alcoholic drinks and sprites that are infused with adaptogens and nootropics.

Both Bella and Jen designed this product to help better connect ones’ self and to further center and find balance in everyday life.

Each of their non-alcoholic beverages comes with a plentiful amount of flavors and healthy ingredients.

In one of the company’s recent Instagram posts, the two founders explained the benefits of their new Kin Bloom drink.

The short clip also showed a view of the sparkling beverage as it bubbled in a fun and funky glass.

By the end of the video, the two women cheered and clanked their glasses while they promoted their tasty product.

The post was captioned, “The ingredients in Kin Bloom help awaken your heart and create an easygoing atmosphere for connecting with yourself and your closest kin 🌸 A perfectly balanced sip for any time of day, its bright, sparkling flavors help release stress and support a calmer state of mind—all while igniting your heart fire with intimacy and desire.”

Fans can now shop all Kin Euphorics’ products online through their website and should follow Bella and Jen to keep up to date with their latest releases.

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