Bella Hadid models Victoria’s Secret for Valentine’s Day

Bella Hadid featured image
Bella Hadid models Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Bella Hadid looked beautiful in a Valentine’s Day campaign for Victoria’s Secret.

The supermodel previously hinted at her involvement with the lingerie brand with some behind-the-scenes snaps.

Hadid stunned in the outfit, which consisted of a pink bra embroidered with black designs and black straps.

She paired the top with lacy pink and black panties and matching garters that sat comfortably on her waist.

They were attached to sheer black stockings to complete the outfit.

The high-fashion model gazed into the camera and posed in a red room between large circular objects to capture the romantic mood of the lover’s holiday.

Hadid wore a large necklace and noticeable earrings for accessories.

In the Instagram post shared by Victoria’s Secret, they added the following caption.

“Shop the Drop: Your V-Day Uniform. Ready to fall in love? Swipe right on florals, script embroidery, vibrant jewel tones, heart prints, and more. And don’t forget to order by 2/9 to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day.”

The brand, which recently joined the inclusive movement, also featured plus-size model Paloma Elsesser in the ad campaign as she posed next to Imaan Hammam in their floral robe and lingerie. 

Bella Hadid’s Kin Euphorics offers a non-alcoholic social lubricant

Hadid became co-founder and partner of Kin Euphorics, the non-alcoholic beverage company that makes products with adaptogenic herbs, nootropics, and botanicals.

The model opened up about giving up alcohol when she announced her involvement with the brand.

Kin Euphorics is offering a product it says will help turn an introvert into a social butterfly in a new Instagram post.

“Arouse your inner charm and conjure intimate conversation with High Rhode. Key actives GABA + caffeine act as social lubricants – GABA smoothes out stress and anxiety while gentle caffeination gives you a kick of clean energy,” the caption reads.

How Bella Hadid eats to stay in supermodel shape

Many would be surprised to find out Hadid eats all the time, but she makes healthy choices when it comes to her diet.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she broke down her diet, starting her day with eggs and sausage or an egg sandwich on a bagel.

She told the outlet she eats frequently because she has low blood sugar.

For lunch, she eats more protein with salmon or chicken with vegetables.

Hadid also enjoys some fast foods such as pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich.

The 26-year-old also downs a lot of coffee, ginger shots, and green juices to get through the day.

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