Bella Hadid looks all-natural for Miu Miu

Bella Hadid looking away from the camera
Bella Hadid shares never-before-seen runway photos. Pic credit: © Laurent Koffel

Bella Hadid recently decided to surprise her fans with one of her past runway looks.

While the model is used to sharing her latest runway shows, she decided to release never-before-seen photos from last season’s Miu Miu show.  

Miu Miu is the sister label to Prada, which was founded in 1992. While the brand has been around for decades it has gained major popularity recently for its tiny miniskirts and preppy style.  

While Bella was modeling with the brand, she decided to highlight her natural features. She wore barely any makeup and rocked a set of bleach-blonde eyebrows. This is a surprising choice on the designer’s end since most brands go for bold editorial makeup.  

The brunette slicked her hair back into a ponytail to add to her simplistic look.  

Her outfit was truly the star of the show with a tiny black crop top that featured faux pockets, spaghetti straps, and a plastic buckle.  

She paired it with sheer cotton biker shorts and later added a black pencil skirt overtop for a layered look.  

The supermodel had on black leather boots that featured an open toe for her final look. 

Bella Hadid reveals her in-flight beauty and skincare routine  

Bella Hadid travels all around the world but makes sure to dedicate her time to her skincare. When talking to Vogue France, she gave a detailed account of how she takes care of her skin.  

The model starts her routine with face wipes, making sure to get rid of any dirt and oil around her face. Afterwards, she adds multiple hyaluronic serums to help keep her skin moisturized.  

Then she layers her skin with a thick moisturizer and uses multiple skincare masks. The model recounts flying over 90 hours in a month, so she is constantly prepping her skin for her next job.  

“I love to fly into set,” she told the publication. “Before I land, I take everything off, do it again so when I get to set, I’m as fresh as a daisy.”   

Bella Hadid shows off her toned abs in a flowing cardigan  

Bella Hadid posted her latest baby blue outfit to Instagram, which showed her rocking a long, blue cardigan that was left open to reveal her tiny waist.  

She paired it with a denim miniskirt that featured a striped pocket for an added pop to her look.  

The Victoria’s Secret alum wore knee-high socks, yellow clogs, and grey sunglasses as she held onto a black tote bag. She wore her hair down to show off her natural waves while sporting an all-natural look.  

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