Bella Hadid has legs for miles in goth-style skirt

Bella Hadid closeup
Bella Hadid stuns in goth-style skirt. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Bella Hadid looks incredible in her Burberry runway look.

Bella took to the runaway again to model for the 2023 Burberry show for London Fashion Week.

The beautiful model wore a goth-style long-sleeved layered blue dress with a laced train.

The dress is a button-down at the top with a bodysuit at the bottom, showing off her incredible physique. She never holds back from wearing gorgeous bodysuits and skirts.

The outfit made her legs the star of the show, and she became one of the most glamorous models of the entire week.

She paired the dramatic look with matching blue flip-flop heels and her iconic middle part.

Bella Hadid walks the runway for Burberry
Bella Hadid stuns in Burberry 2023 Fashion Show. Pic credit: Best Image/Backgrid

The popular model took to social media to talk about the show and show love towards her friend, writing, “@Burberry? An honor always to be a part of a show, house and with a designer I respect and look up to so very much.”

She continued, “There’s a line between doing projects as work and doing them because of the love it fills you with. Because of the joy it brings to watch someone you love, be so authentically and unapologetically themselves. Riccardo I am so proud of all you do . Wherever you are, whatever you do, I will always be by your side ! When clothes are made with love and passion, nothing else matters. We love you Riccy. Thank you. ? @riccardotisci17

Bella Hadid stuns at Milan Fashion Week

Bella has been the star model this year. Last week, she made headlines for her gorgeous look in the Spring/ Summer show in Milan.

This isn’t her first incredible Versace appearance, but it is definitely one of her best.

She dressed in a modern bold purple wedding dress with a matching veil.

Underneath the dress Bella wore a pair of short lace shorts that match the lace stitching of the top of the dress.

The dress was paired with matching fingerless gloves, purple heels, and a fierce dark eyeshadow look.

Bella Hadid’s dream just came true

Even though she is one of the most famous models today, Bella Hadid definitely has a list of dreams. And this week, she just accomplished one.

Bella Hadid recently stunned in the runway show for legendary designer Jil Sander.

Even though the show was rained on, Bella instantly grabbed a chic umbrella and continued to close out the amazing show.

She modeled for the brand’s Spring and Summer 2023 collection.

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