Bella Hadid has fun in the sun and on the water in colorful bikini

Bella Hadid smiles into the camera.
Bella Hadid was breathtaking in a colorful bikini. Pic credit: © Koffel

Bella Hadid was absolutely stunning in a bikini as she rode the waves on a jet ski.

The multi-colored bikini accentuated Bella’s fit physique and her glowing skin. She seemed in her element as she sat perched on the jet ski, which was white, gray, and yellow.

Bella styled her hair slicked back in a ponytail with a scrunchie, and her soaked locks went far down her back. She opted for no makeup and instead accessorized with dark sunglasses to protect her eyes.

The American model had a gorgeous view that was nearly as breathtaking as she was. She was surrounded by rippling blue waters under a clear blue sky.

Bella’s overall look was athletic, adventurous, and beautiful.

The cover girl posted the series of photos to Instagram on Friday and in under one hour it earned over 80,000 likes.

Bella Hadid models for Swarovski

Bella has had a very successful career in modeling, and it’s no doubt that she’s used this skill to partner with luxurious brands. One such brand is Swarovski.

The brunette beauty glittered in a jeweled outfit that made her look even more stunning than usual. She positioned both of her arms above her head while attempting a ballerina pose that was perfect for her silhouette.

One of the images showed the model surrounded by a team of people that helped to create the incredible look. They flurried around her as Bella glamorously sat in the middle.

Swarovski is a leading jewelry brand that specializes in carefully cut crystals and has a variety of magnificent pieces. The brand is certainly lucky to have Bella promote it, as the Instagram post earned far over 1 million likes and was flooded with thousands of comments.

Bella Hadid knows how to have fun

Bella’s far-reaching success doesn’t mean that she doesn’t carve out some time for fun. She posted a series of photos that showed her relaxing, adventuring, and overall having a blast.

In the first photo, the 26-year-old model sported a tight-fitting olive green dress with colorful flowers printed over it. Her long hair was dyed blonde and whisked in the wind around her face.

She wore sunglasses and stared down the camera as she sat as a passenger inside of a car with the windows rolled down.

The other images and videos showed her spending time at the beach, relaxing under the sun, enjoying fancy cocktails, exercising, and jumping into a pool of water.

Her fans adored the post, as it earned well over 1,500,000 likes.

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