Bella Hadid goes nude to have dress painted on

Bella Hadid posing on a red carpet
Bella Hadid looks stunning with bright red lipstick. Pic credit: © Koffel

The worldwide known supermodel Bella Hadid has just made history.

It’s no news that Hadid is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry nowadays. After all, she has more than 20 Vogue covers, including The Big Four.

She was voted Model of the Year back in 2016 by industry professionals, and she continues to show the public why she has the recognition that she does.

The Coperni fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2022 was stopped mid-show to give Hadid a beautiful white dress. But this was something never seen before.

The audience got to watch that dress being made from scratch, literally built right on her body.

The 25-year-old model appeared on the runway with only a pair of underwear, covering herself up, as three men surrounded her and sprayed-painted her with white paint that turned into a thin layer of latex over her body, forming a very interesting and scientific kind of fabric.

Bella Hadid stuns the runway with a painted dress

The men created a mid-length dress which, once it was done, had a high-thigh slit cut into it, and the straps were turned into off-the-shoulders sleeves.

Hadid showed some amazing modeling skills, even though she just stood there for quite some time. She kept on modeling and maintaining a straight fierce look throughout the whole experience.

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant are the masterminds behind this genius idea and the Parisian label Coperni. They told Vogue about this innovative white dress, “It’s our celebration of women’s silhouettes from centuries past. And we wanted to update our aesthetic in a more grown-up and scientific way, too.”

Bella Hadid looks radiant for Paris Fashion Week

After that iconic moment that will forever be remembered in the fashion industry, Hadid keeps blowing people’s minds at Paris Fashion Week.

The model recently posted some pictures on her Instagram featuring some behind-the-scenes while on rehearsals for the Vivienne Westwood fashion show.

With now bleached eyebrows, she rocked a black bottom-up crop top that she paired with a plaid pair of clam digger grey pants and a thick black and gold belt.

She matched her pants to her jacket, which had some darker patches of grey on her shoulders, forearms, and front pockets.

But the most impressive this about this look was some super high and rare platform brown crocodile skin boots.

There is no doubt Bella Hadid will leave everyone speechless in this upcoming fashion show.

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