Bella Hadid goes braless in plaid matching set

Bella Hadid on a red carpet
Bella Hadid’s eyes and skin look incredible on the red carpet. Pic credit: © Koffel

The incredibly beautiful supermodel Bella Hadid has had a really busy last couple of weeks walking in different fashion shows for big brands like Versace or Burberry at New York Fashion Week and Milan, Italy.

Recently, Hadid posed in front of a window braless and showed off those amazing model abs of hers.

She wore a plaid pink with red and black lines suit jacket with a matching pair of loose-fitted pants.

Underneath the jacket, she put on a white cropped bottom up. However, she decided to leave most of the buttons open and wear nothing underneath to show some skin and give this outfit a very sexy but formal look.

Her dark hair was slicked back into a bun and she wore a pair of futuristic metallic mirror pink sunglasses.

To accessorize a bit more, she put on a pearl necklace, layering it with a longer silver one, as well as some black gloves to protect herself from the elements.

Bella Hadid looks fashionable as ever in pink outfit

The American model posted some pictures of this fashionable fit on her Instagram, which now has 55 million followers.

In the caption, she mentioned Riccardo Tisci who is the Chief Creative Officer at Burberry and possibly the one who took these pictures.

Bella Hadid and her modeling career

Bella Hadid, now 25 years old, moved to New York City when she was only seventeen.

She had the intention to study at Parsons, but then she signed to IMG Models and from there on her career has been dedicated to modeling full-time. But even modeling can be a very challenging industry to survive and to make people notice and respect you.

She told i-D Magazine how she thought it was normal to have constant anxiety all the time, recalling many years of sitting on the makeup chair right before a show crying and the hairdresser asking her if she was okay.

Hadid also has been very vocal about this type of struggle on her social media before. She has even posted pictures of her crying captioning the post with the feelings that she had experienced at that time

She told the magazine, “During that part of my life, I was so out of body, disassociating so much… I was so confused by what people saw of me. I still, even now, see comments on Instagram when I’m sitting on the couch and am like, ‘Are they talking about me?’ I don’t understand how I’ve gotten to this point where people either appreciate my work or know who I am.”

For the sound of things, the model is a lot more in touch with her emotions and feelings, making sure to keep herself grounded.

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