Bella Hadid causes a scene wearing only pasties

Bella Hadid in pasties.
Bella Hadid wore pasties. Pic credit: ©

Bella Hadid worked hard for her body of work, and she wasn’t shy about showing it off. The middle daughter of Yolanda Foster and Mohamed Hadid went out in New York City wearing only pasties on her cleavage after the Met Gala. After wearing gorgeous custom Burberry, the model let loose in black lingerie.

Bella missed the 2021 Met Gala event, and she seemingly made up for the lost time. She wore a skimpier iteration of her 2022 Met Gala ensemble featuring black lace and a lot of skin. She attended with her older sister Gigi Hadid, who rocked all red and a puffer jacket.

Bella Hadid causes a scene as she goes out wearing only pasties

Bella Hadid took her Met Gala look to the next level after the event. The model wore leather and lace for the Met Gala, where the theme was gilded glamour. She stripped down her already revealing outfit into an ensemble with only pasties and tights.

Bella wore black pasties in the shape of flowers that hardly covered her cleavage. She also wore lingerie stockings that clipped to her undergarments.

Bella was joined by her famous BFF — Hailey Bieber. Hailey puckered her lips in the naughty photos, and she even liked the suggestive shot. Justin Bieber’s wife also joined in on the festivities as she posed with Bella in pasties. Hailey wore a silver, glittery bra with leather hot pants. 

Bella completed her look with black strappy heels over her black lingerie tights.

Bella Hadid talks about mental health and insecurity

Believe it or not, Bella Hadid was considered the “ugly” sister compared to her sister Gigi. Sadly for Bella, she and Gigi were in the same industry, so comparisons between the two never ceased. Thankfully, Bella has worked hard on her mental health.

She told Vogue, “Unfortunately when you get told things so many times, you do just believe it. I always ask myself, how did a girl with incredible insecurities, anxiety, depression, body-image issues, eating issues, who hates to be touched, who has intense social anxiety—what was I doing getting into this business?”

Bella revealed that she faked it until she made it. She explained, ”But over the years I became a good actress. I put on a very smiley face, or a very strong face. I always felt like I had something to prove.”

Finally, Bella said people could insult her looks but never her work ethic. She shared,” People can say anything about how I look, about how I talk, about how I act. But in seven years I never missed a job, canceled a job, was late to a job. No one can ever say that I don’t work my a** off.”

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6 months ago

She’s like 50 lbs & has a pre-teen girls body. 🤮