Bebe Rexha enjoys self-care with bubble bath

Bebe Rexha smiling.
Bebe Rexha shows her version of self-care in a glamorous video. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Bebe Rexha showed that her talents extended beyond making top-charting hits as the singer gave fans an idea of how she cares for herself.

She took to her social media to share an upbeat video where her personality wasn’t the only bubbly thing.

Bebe tagged Love Beauty and Planet, the company that helped make her self-care day special. Throughout the video, Bebe showed off some luxurious products from the company, whose mission has been helping people look their best while helping the planet.

The Say My Name singer was the perfect promotion for the beauty line because she looked gorgeous and refreshed.

Bebe started the clip in selfie mode, wearing a black silk pajama set featuring a large pink floral print.

Her blonde hair was tied back, with large chunks of her bangs framing her beautiful face. She rocked soft glam makeup with a full beat, including winged eyeliner.

Bebe placed the camera over her head as she showed a view of her marble bathroom. She kissed the camera before switching things up to a mirror shot. The songstress grabbed a pink cylinder spritz and zoomed in on the label to reveal a fragrance of cherry blossom and tea rose.

Bebe Rexha enjoys self-care time

Bebe sprayed her neck and tilted her head back as she looked to enjoy the scent.

Next, Bebe showed her truly impressive marble bathtub with beautiful fixtures that she turned to start the water. Bebe placed candles in each corner of the tub and slowly lit them, revealing a fragrance that matched her body spray from earlier.

Bebe got into a fluffy pink robe and tossed a heart-shaped bath bomb into the water, which turned a light shade of pink.

The silly yet positive video reminded fans that there should always be time for self-care.

Bebe Rexha and Puma collaboration

Much like Dua Lipa, Bebe collaborated with the sneaker company Puma.

Bebe wasn’t just a Puma collaborator — she also said she was a fan. According to the singer, Puma shoes were the only ones she could work out in and stay comfortable.

She told The Strategist, “These are kind of an all-purpose shoe and I don’t have to change them for every type of workout I do. They’re super comfortable and they keep me stabilized. I’ve tried everything from Nike to Fila — literally everything — and these are the ones I’ve stuck with.”

Bebe recommended the Puma RS-X Unexpected Mixes Women’s Sneakers as her versatile fitness shoe of choice.

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