Beaux Raymond shows off toned physique boxing before yoga

Beaux Raymond shows off deep maroon lipstick.
Beaux Raymond rocks blonde bangs. Pic credit: @_beauxraymond_/Instagram

Ever since Beaux Raymond appeared on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, fans have started to show an interest in her personal life and fashion choices.

Staying as toned as ever is typical for her to do since she schedules boxing classes paired with yoga lessons when she’s ready to break a sweat.

It’s clear that Beaux cares about her health and fitness since she’s always hitting the gym and finding interesting ways to work out.

The reality TV starlet shared a mirror selfie wearing a skin-tight exercise outfit that showed off all her curves.

Not too long before that, she shared a series of photos wearing an outfit that highlighted her partnership with Fashion Nova.

Whether Beaux is hitting the gym, dressing up to run casual errands, or going to a nightclub, she always looks incredible.

Beaux Raymond looks flawless in gym gear

Beaux posted a mirror selfie wearing a two-piece gym set that showed off her amazing figure. The crop top she wore had long sleeves and a scoop neck collar.

The biker shorts she wore were high-waisted, stopping short enough to show off her thighs and calves. She wore a pair of white ankle socks tucked into some dark-colored sneakers.

Beaux Raymond looks amazing in shorts and a crop top.
Beaux Raymond wears tight fitness gear. Pic credit: @_beauxraymond_/Instagram

The model wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail for her workout and accessorized with a pair of small earrings along with a black bracelet. It’s unclear whether or not the beauty was wearing makeup since her iPhone was blocking the majority of her face.

Beaux Raymond looks fabulous in Fashion Nova

Beaux is a Fashion Nova partner, which means she consistently dresses up in trendy pieces from the brand whenever she poses for Instagram pictures. She wore a red crop top hoodie from Fashion Nova while going for a Starbucks run.

Despite the fact that the hoodie was super casual, she looked beyond chic. Over the right side of her hoodie near the chest area, a large white arrow with the letters “KC” was printed. She wore a pair of high-waisted black leather pants that caught a little bit of shine from the sunlight beating down on her.

On her feet, she wore a pair of black and white sneakers that were perfectly laced up. Beaux didn’t add any accessories to the look, but she did wear acrylic nails with white tips along with a face of flawless makeup.

She wore her long blonde hair parted down the middle in smooth waves as well.

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