Beat Shazam contestant dies: What was winner Alan Smith’s cause of death?

beat shazam contestant dies alan smith cause of death
The late Alan Smith appeared on FOX’s Beat Shazam episode Monday night. Pic credit: Beat Shazam/FOX

On Monday night, television viewers saw an emotional episode featuring Beat Shazam contestant Alan Smith. His episode was touching not only because he did well during his appearance, but it was a posthumous appearance for Smith.

It had fans who weren’t aware of the situation asking, what was Alan Smith’s cause of death?

Beat Shazam contestant Alan Smith was a soul singer

Alan Smith was a member of the soul tribute group called the Sensational Soul Cruisers. He participated in the band for 17 years along with 10 other group members.

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They performed various Motown hits from the likes of Chicago, The Temptations, the Four Tops, as well as Earth, Wind, and Fire.

That musical skill and talent came in handy for Alan and his game show partner Taheem. They were able to pull off an impressive win on Monday’s episode.

In the Beat Shazam video clip below, Alan and Taheem spoke to Jamie Foxx about getting to play with Bruce Springsteen.

Alan & Taheem Met Bruce Springsteen | Season 3 Ep. 4 | BEAT SHAZAM

Smith dies before Beat Shazam episode aired

Alan Smith died months ahead of the recent Beat Shazam episode making it onto television. He was 49-years-old at the time. According to a report from Courier Post, the former Sensational Soul Cruisers singer passed away from a sudden heart attack.

His fellow band member Steve Barlotta, the group’s tenor sax player, received a call from police ahead of a scheduled gig for the Soul Cruiser.

Barlotta described Smith as a “gentle soul” and the unofficial “goodwill ambassador of the band.”

Following the episode, Beat Shazam show host Jamie Foxx paid tribute to the late singer and contestant in a tweet on Monday night. He included a video clip of Alan and Taheem, showing off the pair as they grooved to one of the hits on the show.

It was certainly an emotional episode all around. The duo of Alan and Taheem advanced to the next week after winning $260,000 on Beat Shazam.

Meanwhile, tributes continue to arrive for the latest soul singer Alan Smith as he is remembered for bringing joy to people everywhere.

The game show Beat Shazam airs new episodes on Monday nights on FOX at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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3 years ago

Ohh that’s really sad just watching the show now here in South Africa. He looked like a gentle soul ,may he rest in peace.

3 years ago

Heartbreaking and so young. He was a kindhearted soul. I enjoyed the episode and was totally disappointed to learn of his sudden demise at the end of the episode. Happy for him that he had the opportunity to appear on the show and did well. Wake up call for AA Men to take better care of their health.