Baywatch babe Donna D’Errico is on fire in stunning bedroom photo

Donna D'Errico is stunning in her lingerie.
Donna D’Errico looks gorgeous in the natural light. Pic credit: @donnaderrico/Instagram

Donna D’Errico looked phenomenal as she posed for a jaw-dropping bedroom selfie.

The former Baywatch actress and Playboy model elegantly posed in her bedroom as she showcased her immaculate figure in the natural light.

The 54-year-old beauty has certainly been making a statement recently, especially when it comes to her content on her social media platforms.

Donna has kept highly active on her Instagram, where she shared her most recent intimate photograph.

She treated her 1.1 million followers with the share as she posed in a gorgeous lingerie set.

One thing is for sure; the Baywatch star has undoubtedly kept her loyal fans entertained with her bubbly personality and eye-catching ensembles.

Donna D’Errico glows in her barely-there attire

The former Playboy model certainly isn’t shy when it comes to posing for the camera and showing off a little skin.

In her most recent share, the actress showcased her incredible curves and hourglass figure as she was captured posing next to her white-decorated bed.

Donna rested one hand gently along her hip while she stared out past the camera for the shot.

The model sported a matching black lingerie set that hugged her body perfectly. 

The black set featured a beautiful lace detail throughout both pieces, adding a little extra flair to the overall look.

The lacy bra was a low-cut fit that featured an intertwining design in the middle that held the two sides together. The bra offered Donna full support as she looked flawless in the piece.

The bottoms of the set were a classic black low-rising fit that gently rested amongst the model’s hips, accentuating her tiny waist.

Donna’s brown locks were styled in light waves as she pushed them over to one side of her body for the shot.

She then completed the look by adding some eyeliner to her eyes and a splash of bronzer along her cheeks and finalizing it with a glossy, pink lip.

Donna D’Errico teams up with Pump Magazine

In another one of her posts, Donna was captured in a beautiful black dress as she modeled for the fashion magazine called Pump.

The Baywatch actress posed for an array of photographs as she expressed she would be featured on the cover.

For the first shot, Donna sat along the vibrant green grass of what she called her “secret garden.”

She wore a low-cut mid-length dress that perfectly shaped her body as she posed. She then accessorized with a beautiful black hat and a multi-colored necklace.

Donna’s hair was styled into light curls as they beautifully fell down along her chest and shoulders.

Some other photographs featured Donna sporting various gorgeous red dresses as she paired one with a sand-colored hat.

She wore a shimmery eyeshadow across her eyes and added a thick eyeliner across her lid to give the look a shimmery flair.

The Baywatch sweetheart turned many heads with this photo shoot as she executed every fit with absolute ease.

It comes as no surprise her fans came out to support the collage of photos, as she received over 200 endearing comments.

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