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Baywatch babe Donna D’Errico in a string bikini for epic clap back

Donna D'Errico
Donna D’Errico in a bikini has a message for her critics. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Actress Donna D’Errico, 54, isn’t letting her age get in the way of having fun in the sun or wearing swimsuits.

The former Baywatch babe and Playmate of the Month received some criticism over the Fourth of July holiday, but she wasn’t having any of it.

By joining models such as Helena Christensen and Paulina Porizkova, she proved that she’s still beautiful despite her age and can still be sexy.

Addressing her Instagram followers, she wrote, “Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red white & blue bikini because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate.’”

She clarified that the criticisms were not welcome as she continued addressing her critics.

“Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want. On that note, here is me in a bikini squatting on a coffee table.”

Donna D’Errico, 54, squats on table in bikini

As the caption promised, the picture delivered.

Donna was seen squatting on a coffee table as she shared the photo with her 593,000 followers, who left over 51,000 likes.

She proved that she could still be a Baywatch babe if she wanted to, looking no older than her 20s in the shot.

Followers, fans, and critics alike could see all of her curves as she posed in the pale pink string bikini.

Donna D’Errico’s secret to looking young

Donna says her diet is the biggest thing that has helped her retain her youthful appearance.

Donna told Fox News that switching to a vegan diet helped her feel younger and look better.

She revealed, “There were happy benefits, like clearer skin, better digestion, better sleep – but that’s not why I do it… I do it for the animals.”

She confirmed that she went vegan after her appearance on Sam Simon’s podcast, where he approached the topic and showed her a video of supposed “undercover footage of a factory farm.” The video devastated Donna and caused her to give up meat.

Due to her youthful appearance, Donna gets a lot of comments and compliments, but they don’t always make the star feel good.

She said, “It doesn’t feel nice to hear somebody say, ‘You look great for your age’ or ‘You still look amazing.’ Why not just say, ‘Wow you look amazing,’ and just move on?”

“I think critiquing women based on their age is unfair. Men don’t face the same scrutiny and I don’t think they would like either. But I know it’s not going to go away because it’s part of our culture.”

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