Battle rapper Tech 9 dies, confusion over Tech N9ne ensues

Tech 9 battle rapper
Philadelphia battle rapper Tech 9 has passed away. Pic credit: Tech 9/Instagram

Legendary Philadelphia battle rapper and commentator Tech 9, whose real name is Akeem Mickens, has died. While the battle rap community mourns the death of one of its pioneer’s many fans inevitably confused his name with rapper Tech N9ne due to the identical pronunciation.

Tech 9 rose to fame in the Ultimate Rap League (URL) and was known for his wordplay and humorous bars that made several of his battles go viral. He was the co-host of the Battle Rap platform Champion alongside Jay Blac and was known for his catchphrase ‘Microwave Stopper.’

The cause of his death has not been revealed. Tech 9 was last active on his Instagram account in December of last year. Premier Battles confirmed his death on Twitter with the following message: “We’re very sad to hear Philly and battle rap legend Tech 9 has passed away.

Tech 9’s career spans over a decade and he battled many formidable opponents including T-Rex, Arsenal, Rich Dolarz, Head Ice, Bill Collector, Jerry Wess, and many others. Tech 9’s battles have over 10 million views on YouTube.

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks, Joe Budden, King Los, and Lupe Fiasco are among the many tributes to the legendary battle rapper following his death.

Tech 9 was just 33 years old at the time of his death is survived by his daughter.

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