Bare Knuckle Bombshell Amber Fields meets former WWE star Mandy Rose

Amber Fields attended the Autograph City Expo New York event this week. Pic credit: @missamberfields/Instagram

Two stars from the worlds of social media influencing and sports entertainment recently crossed paths, as Amber Fields and Mandy Rose met one another during a big event.

Fields, the Ring Girl of the Year 2022, shared several bits of content featuring herself in a light purple outfit, including a crop top with a thigh-skimming skirt.

She completed her look with black socks featuring thin white strips near the top and a pair of black boots, matching her long dark hair, which flowed past her chest.

The Bare Knuckle Bombshell, one of the ring girls for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), struck a pose alongside the former WWE star.

Rose wore a curve-hugging black outfit consisting of a crop top with tight pants and accessorized with a thin necklace and cross.

Both women wore dark lashes and brows to go with pink lipstick shades. Rose flashed a bright smile with her pearly whites on display while Fields gave a kissy face expression for the shot.

mandy rose with amber fields
Former WWE star Mandy Rose and BKFC ring girl Amber Fields. Pic credit: @missamberfields/Instagram

Rose and Fields were in New York City this weekend as one of the celebrities at the Autograph City Expo New York. Other individuals at the event included former NBA stars Ron Harper and Alonzo Mourning, UFC fighter Alexa Grasso, and figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

It’s possible that Fields and Rose talked about social media opportunities with one another. Rose is considered a major success story due to her financial achievement soon after she was released from WWE. She currently boasts 3.5 million followers on the Gram, while Fields has 871,000.

Both women have large followings on the TikTok platform, with Fields boasting nearly 204,000 followers while Rose has 811,000 as of this report.

Amber Fields shared funny video clips from NYC event

In additional video clips, Fields showed more of herself in the purple outfit she wore. In one Instagram video, she’s alongside her friend Lizzy Acosta as they lip-synch to an original audio voiceover.

Acosta, who was also among guests at the NYC event, lip-syncs part of the NSFW audio where she says she’s only looking at one thing, and it involves her friend’s outfit.

In a video that Fields shared on her TikTok, she’s trying to enter the event. She struts across the room wearing her purple attire until a security guard stops her and asks for identification. She tries to tell him she’s one of the models for the event, and he continues to ask for her ID.

From there, Fields attempts to run past the guard, but he grabs her to hold her back from getting into the event.

“He didn’t believe me when I told him I was suppose to be here #funny #security,” she wrote in her caption.


He didnt believe me when I told him I was suppose to be here #funny #security

♬ original sound – Missamberfields

Amber Fields shared about her fitness journey

When Fields isn’t attending autograph events or modeling for shots for her social media, she’s likely finding ways to keep fit either at the gym or elsewhere. In 2019, she shared an Instagram carousel post in which she promoted Bombshell Sportswear and opened up about her fitness journey.

The post featured three shots of the BKFC star in the gym wearing a neon green or yellow sports bra to go with primarily black leggings with stripes matching her top.

She mentioned her biggest issue was finding the time to get to the gym, so she had to get creative in getting active during any available time.

“I found what works best for me is combining tasks whether it’s a game of frisbee golf while visiting friends or a little twerkout in between laundry. Instead of inviting your friends to lunch start inviting them for a game of soccer! Let’s push each other to be active and have fun while doing it, because working out doesn’t always have to be a “work” out,” Fields wrote in her caption.

Fields’ IG post features her posting at a machine with a single-handle cable attachment, possibly for triceps pulldowns. In addition, she’s seated on a nautilus machine for chest presses, while a final shot shows her doing shoulder presses with a pair of dumbbells.

The Bare Knuckle Bombshell continues to look fabulous, whether rocking a tiny bikini, workout gear, or the pink outfit she selected for her appearance at New York’s Autograph City Expo.

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