Barbie Ferreira wows in crop top and underwear

Barbie Ferreira smiles for the camera
Barbie Ferreira looks incredible in colorful and glittery eye shadow and long green earrings for the red carpet. Pic credit: © Press Agency

The Brazilian-American actress and model Barbie Ferreira is mostly known for her iconic performance as Kat Hernandez in HBO’s Euphoria, where she stars next to other incredible actors like Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and Jacob Elordi.

Ferreira recently posed for another stunning photoshoot, one that showed off her incredible curves with a wide variety of fantastic outfits.

The actress posed with a motorbike, holding a helmet under her right arm, while clothed in a simple white top and paired it with high wasted black bottoms.

She put on some black leather gloves, a diamond bracelet, and a necklace to take this outfit from a simple motorcycle look to an elegant one.

Her now long brown hair was parted to the side and curled. Her makeup consisted of a heavy brown smokey eyeshadow and a rosy lip.

To finish off this outfit, she put on a pair of black leather knee-high boots.

Barbie Ferreira poses in blue ripped dress

In another photo, she went braless while working a ripped blue dress. The actress posed for the camera as if she was ripping the dress even more.

There was also a close-up shot of the beautiful actress, wearing a black dress with a cutout on the chest.

Her hair was curly and styled in a side ponytail with her bangs falling flawlessly over her forehead.

This time her bold red lips are the main center of attention, as well as the sharp contour on her cheekbones.

The shoot was for the new issue of Flaunt magazine and she also sat down with them to have a little chat.

Barbie Ferreira talks about how she got involved in the world of fashion

The 25-year-old talked about everything, from how her mom and dad met to her Brazilian roots.

At one point, she was asked how she went from working for Americal Appeal to entering the fashion world as a model. The actress assured the readers that she was always determined to be in the entertainment industry and somehow get into the fashion world.

She said, “I would pose for artists. […] I started doing magazine shoots, and that really wasn’t a thing. […] But my friend Petra Collins was shooting a lot of stuff, she would shoot her friends, and I started that way. […] Then, eventually, after a lot of times trying, I got signed to a modeling agency.”

Ferreira had just turned 18 and she had a dream of becoming an actress, so she used all of her jobs in the fashion industry to do just that. It looks like she made it a wonderful success.

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