Bar Refaeli stuns in skimpy semi-sheer lingerie

Bar Refaeli pictured close up
Bar Refaeli pictured at the Elton John Academy Awards viewing party held at West Hollywood Park. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Bar Refaeli wows in skimpy lingerie which she modeled for an Israeli brand. 

The supermodel has continued her successful career in fashion and has been involved in a campaign with Femina for over one year.

Refaeli is also a businesswoman and made a move as a television persona as one of the most recognizable Israeli models in the international scene.

She was one of the four hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. Bar was also on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue the same year and racked up over $20 million in earnings during her career.

At 37, she maintains her stunning looks in Femina lingerie.

Refaeli let her luscious blonde hair flow as she posed for a black-and-white photo. Her slender arms, legs, and toned midriff makes for a stunning photo.

She looked equally gorgeous in a photo for the brand last month, posing with her hand on her hips as she looked into the camera.

“May the year that begins today be beautiful and different! Femina wishes all her clients happy holiday and a Happy New Year 🍏 🍯,” the IG caption reads.

Bar Refaeli celebrates being 37 in an ab-baring crop top

Refaeli showed off her incredible abs in a crop top as she proved age is just a number.

“This is 37,” she wrote in the caption of the IG post.

The model shared four photos, with each slide zooming into her shredded midriff as she wore a fitted crop top and tight jeans while carrying a black handbag.

How Bar Refaeli got back in shape after giving birth

Bar returned to her supermodel physique after giving birth in 2016 to a daughter with Israeli businessman Adi Ezra, who she married the year prior.

In an Instagram video, she showed her strength and stability with a full-body workout. 

Albert Matheny, M.S., R.D., C.S.C.S told Self Magazine how the exercise Bar performs is vital for a post-birth rebound. 

“Post-pregnancy, you want to focus on strengthening and stabilizing the abdominal wall without stretching it, so the tissue can return to its original length,” Matheny said to the outlet, continuing: 

“Refaeli may be using the straps for stability, or she might be engaging her upper body muscles, like her latissimus dorsi and triceps, if she’s actively pushing down on them while she’s balancing.”

The model stuck to the winning formula, welcoming another daughter in 2017 and her first son in 2020. 

In the video, Bar is using a BOSU ball and TRX bands, which can be used for a variety of workouts. It is much easier on muscles than weights and helps improve balance while building muscle.

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