Bailee Madison poses in black skintight dress and white boots

Bailee Madison smiles for the camera
Bailee Madison wows in aquamarine eyeliner and a glossy lip for an event. Pic credit: ©

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin actress Bailee Madison looks incredible in a recent photoshoot.

You might have seen Madison before on your TV. She has been acting since she was really young. She even landed a role at Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place next to Selena Gomez, where she played the little girl version of Gomez’s character’s brother, Maxine.

But ever since, she has gotten many more roles in different movies and series, the most recent being the spin-off of one of the most famous shows ever, Pretty Little Liars.

She recently modeled for the latest issue of Wonderland magazine in different outfits, and she looked incredible in every single one of them.

Madison wore a button-up white blouse paired with a long, beautiful blue skirt with a gorgeous pattern imprinted all over it.

She continued this blue moment by layering a long, blue, shiny, slightly oversized coat on top. And for footwear, she wore a long pair of black leather boots with silver details.

Bailee Madison looks incredible in different outfits for Wonderland magazine

Her now blond hair was styled short and curled and her makeup remained very natural.

These pictures were posted by the photographer herself, Cara Friedman, on her Instagram. In another photo, Madison could be seen wearing a skintight black dress with thin straps. To add a little extra touch, she put on some black sheer sleeves.

For this look, she wore a thigh-high pair of white platform boots and she accessorized her manicure with a couple of silver rings, as well as putting on a pair of long, silver earrings.

Bailee Madison lands role in a new movie titled Play Dead

The 23-year-old actress just landed a role in a new horror film called Play Dead and according to Collider, her sister couldn’t even finish watching it.

During an interview with the publication, Madison talked about her love for horror movies, so Play Dead seemed the best decision ever. The film follows the story of a criminology student who decided to fake her death. Why, you might be asking? She wanted to break into a morgue because she was chasing a lead on a crime.

About this movie, Madison said, “I think horror doesn’t have boundaries, which I think is what makes it really exciting. You can explore psychological aspects of it, or just slasher aspects of it, but it doesn’t really have any limits. Which is why I think… especially in the time in my life right now, like I don’t want to be held back I just want to get to have fun and do what I love.”

The movie doesn’t have a release date yet, so it’s a matter of waiting for it to be announced.

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