B. Simone splits from NFL boyfriend Chris Smith

B. Simone and Chris Smith
B Simone announced on Instagram that she is single after dating Chris Smith, who she was linked to earlier this year. Pic credit: B.Simone/Instagram/Chris Smith/Instagram

Comedian B. Simon announced that she has split from her NFL boyfriend Chris Smith, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

The former couple was linked in February after photos surfaced of the pair at a party, reportedly the NFL player’s birthday.

Simone began commenting on his Instagram photos, and she seemingly confirmed the relationship in April after photos and videos of the couple appeared on her Instagram stories and YouTube. 

While the social media star was public about finding a boyfriend, Simone kept her relationship with Chris Smith under wraps.

Simone starred in a reality TV series, You’re My Boooyfriend, in which contestants attempt to court her in an elimination-style dating show.

The 30-year-old was previously linked to Hip Hop star DaBaby after publicly declaring a crush on the Bop rapper.

The pair did not date but did develop a friendship, which led to the comedian starring in his music video Find My Way.

Chris Smith appears to shade B.Simone following split

Chris Smith took to his Instagram after B.Simone announced that she is single. The 29-year-old, who recently signed a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens, left a cryptic message on Instagram alluding to the breakup.

In a series of photos in which he appears unbothered, the outside linebacker left the following caption.

“Success is like lust, she’s good for the touch. She’s good for the moment, but she’s never enough.”

Smith has three children, and in 2019, his then-girlfriend, Petara Cordero, and the mother of one of his children was killed after being hit by a car.

Who is B.Simone?

B. Simone is an actress, singer, and comedian. She is best known for appearing on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. She has been a regular cast member since the return of the long-running series hosted by Nick Cannon and is also a regular cast member of the VH1 game show Hip Hop Squares.

Simone built a following on social media and has branched out of her comedic routes onto entrepreneurship. The 30-year-old Texan owns a makeup brand B. Simone Beauty and wrote a book.

However, her success has not been without controversy. According to BuzzFeed, Simone was accused of plagiarizing by at least six bloggers.

Her self-help book, Baby Girl Manifest the Life You Want, reportedly copied the work of several female bloggers and went viral.

In response, Simone revealed that the book was ghostwritten and outsourced by her team.

“I’ve never written a book. I’ve never been an author, so as an influencer, as a creative, as an entrepreneur, me and my team outsourced. We hired a team that we trusted that we thought could bring my vision to life, and they did a lot of things without my knowledge and I am here to fix it,” she said in 2020.

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