Azealia Banks calls cryptocurrency ‘a scam’ despite selling sex tape with Ryder Ripps as NFT for $17k

Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks claims cryptocurrency is ‘a scam’ despite selling a sex tape with Ryder Ripps as an NFT. Pic credit: ©

Azealia Banks has hit out at cryptocurrency despite selling a sex tape made with boyfriend Ryder Ripps as an NFT.

For those who don’t know what an NFT is, it stands for non-fungible token, and is essentially a form of digital currency that usually represents physical items such as artwork, concert tickets, or yep, a sex tape, rather than money.

The audio recording of her bedroom antics (that’s right folks, for those of you hoping for actual footage there is none) sold for over $17,000, including a vinyl and a WAV file.

The recording was listed on the app Foundation under an account with the username @RyderRipps. The description read, “This sale is for the full rights and sole access to the first audio sex-tape to be minted on the blockchain.”

However, Banks now insists she isn’t into cryptocurrency at all. Taking to her Instagram stories on Tuesday, the 29-year-old star wrote, “I really do feel like this crypto s**t is a scam.” She went on to detail her opinions on blockchain technology, “Sure it was fun to learn for a cute minute but there’s a lot of virtue signaling and elitism in the space despite its cause being to ‘democratize wealth.’

“Lots of talk of decentralization but in actuality it’s supercentralization. The public ledger ‘seems’ like a good idea but when you think about it …. literally any and everyone can have access to your finances and financial habits……” she claimed.

Banks added “I would actually argue that it has less anonymity that FIAT currency and is most likely a syyop to get us all to submit to some NWO style one world currency by tricking us into thinking that crypto is *anti government* when it’s actually been the government all along.”

Azealia Banks Instagram
Pic credit: @azealiabanks/Instagram

Azealia Banks claims her celebrity sex tape will still be relevant ‘100 years from now’

Not through yet, Banks later spoke out again on cryptocurrency. While referring to the tape as ‘digital art’, she wrote “I sold a sextape on blockchain because I honestly feel like a lot of the digital art being collected is worth zero. 100 years from now absolutely no one is gonna give two s**ts about your goofy 3d cherubs or your stupid a** fuzzy teletubby…”

She added, “100 years from now people will still be having sex, eating food and drinking water. I don’t understand the crypto enthusiasts’ democratization of wealth rhetoric when the fact that many people barely have access to clean water and basic hygiene… Like can we democratize the food first?”

Azealia Banks Instagram
Pic credit: @azealiabanks/Instagram

She continued in another post which read, “And if we can’t democratize the food can we all just stop pretending to saints, make the money and shut up about *sharing wealth* Please? It’s nauseating. Just be real with yourself about crypto being a good hustle and leave it there.”

Azealia Banks Instagram
Pic credit: @azealiabanks/Instagram

The pair sold their celebrity sex tape just two weeks after they got engaged

The controversial couple have been making headlines since their engagement last month, on February 22.

Azealia took to her Instagram to announce the news. In some now deleted posts, she wrote “I’m crying”

“I’m Jewish now. MAZEL TOV B**CHES! WE IN HERE… YERRRRRRR” she added.

Alongside a photo of her ring, she wrote “I said yes!!! @ryder_ripps and I are engaged!!!!! I’m a jew now!!!!!”

However, news broke of the pair’s split just days after her announcement.

Taking to her Instagram once more, Azealia broke the update to her fans. “Lol, I just dumped @ryder_ripps. He’s too insecure for the wildly creative she-wolf in me.”

Although it’s unclear how or when they got back together, Ryder Ripps confirmed their relationship status by referring to Azealia as his ‘gf’ in an Instagram post about the adult tape.

After its initial sale, the recording is now being offered for resale. But if you were thinking of splashing out, the new offer price is a cool $275 million!

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