Avril Mathie shares gym training update with ‘75 million rounds’

Avril Mathie poses for a picture in her backyard.
Avril Mathie smiles over her shoulder. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

A career in professional boxing has taken Avril Mathie far in life, based on the fact that she is so popular with sports lovers everywhere.

The athletic beauty has 290,000 followers on Instagram keeping up with her and her day-to-day life and activities.

One of her activities happens to be posting consistent content while wearing trendy outfits and clothing that show off her physique.

In an Instagram Story post, she wore an outfit that included a very bright color on her bottom half. Since the color was so eccentric, it totally popped!

She also recently shared a picture of herself rocking a bright-colored two-piece bikini while spending time outdoors in nature near palm trees.

Whether Avril is training in the gym or chilling by the pool, she tends to stay looking just as fabulous as ever.

Avril Mathie looks gorgeous in neon spandex

Avril posed for a selfie wearing a pair of high-waisted neon green shorts that stood out in a major way. They were tight enough to show off the curves of her hips thighs, and midsection.

On her top half, she wore a simple black sports bra with thick straps. It came with a small white logo over one side of her chest. Behind her head, Avril’s white and gold-colored boxing gloves were laid out on the floor. They looked ready to be used at any moment!

Avril Mathie shows off her fit figure in spandex.
Avril Mathie smiles for a selfie in green shorts. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

She added a text box that said, “When Coach is away, but still sends you 75 million rounds to do on your own.” She added a muscle emoji and a hot sweating face emoji to showcase how hard she was pushing herself.

Avril Mathie stuns in an Ark Swimwear bikini

Avril posed for a lovely picture wearing a bright red two-piece bikini in her backyard. The top of the bikini was designed with triangular fabric tied together with skinny strings.

The bikini bottoms were also red with connected sides that laid on her hips perfectly without needing to be tied together. She accessorized with a thick silver bracelet on one wrist but skipped out on all other jewelry.

Avril used her hand to sweep her long brown hair out of her face for the gorgeous shot. Her eyes remained closed as the sun was shining down on her face in an elegant manner.

Ark Swimwear is a brand known for selling bikinis and swimsuits to people who prefer minimalist styles and luxe fabrics. The brand has also worked with Kim Kardashian in the past.

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