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Avril Mathie in bikini shows off athleticism with beach volleyball

Avril Mathie smiles into camera.
Avril Mathie wears a bikini and shows off her athleticism in a game of beach volleyball. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

Avril Mathie sported a rainbow bikini as she showed off her athleticism in a game of beach volleyball. Arvil is a professional boxer and is reportedly undefeated.

The tiny rainbow-colored bikini is tied in the back in a halter-top fashion. The bottoms were cheeky and further accentuated the athlete’s long and toned legs.

The bikini, along with the game of beach volleyball, allowed the camera to truly capture how athletic Avril is. Every muscle from top to bottom was just as engaged as she was in the riveting game.

Avril accessorized with a tie-on anklet, a watch, and a simplistic silver necklace that featured a small round pendant. The athlete wore her hair up in a high bun, a necessary choice to keep her hair out of her face while concentrating on scoring points for her volleyball team.

The accomplished boxer and her friends looked like they were having a blast as they all took part in the game. Avril frequently flashed a smile as she proved her athleticism and seemed truly in her element.

Avril posted the series of photos and one video to Instagram with the caption, “Yesterday was supposed to be rest day but I already ruined it with a heavy conditioning workout in the morning so couldn’t then say no to 74* games of beach volley also.”

Avril Mathie moved to the US to pursue boxing

Avril moved from Australia to the US with no job or place to live to pursue her dream of boxing.

The athlete revealed to Boxing Scene, “We just don’t have a population of people, especially people with money in Australia, that can support boxing and make it a primary sport.”

Avril saw this difference in the US and made her courageous choice to move.

“Whereas in America, there’s such a huge population of people here, and eyes equal money to advertisers. So it doesn’t matter if those people are rich or poor, as long as they turn on their TV and watch. Then, that’s a lot of eyes on a sport, which is a lot of eyes to advertisers, which means a lot more money can be spread amongst the fighters and create some more opportunities.”

Avril Mathie had her first fight and win of 2022

In June 2022, Avril had her first fight and win of the year. Avril had competed with Judit Hachbold and posted several photos of the occasion to Instagram, including a victory shot with her arm raised in the air.

Avril included in her caption, “a few pics from last weekend! What’s your fave? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?”

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