Avril Mathie goes all-out for ‘sparring day’ training

Avril Mathie smiles into the camera.
Avril Mathie was gorgeous in a red sports bra for a gym selfie. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

Avril Mathie showed off her after-gym glow in a red sports bra.

The bold red sports bra was paired with skin-tight black spandex. Both items show off her amazing, athletic physique.

Avril completed the look with bright tennis shoes, which were perfect for her athletic activity.

The athlete’s hair was tied up in a high bun, to keep out of her face. She wore no makeup, and none was needed as she was already perfect, and radiant from her workout.

Avril took the gym selfie with her boxing gloves taken off and set beside her. She made a silly face with her tongue out, to highlight her upbeat personality.

The professional boxer posted the look to her Instagram Story with the text, “sparring day.” Her overall look was athletic and energetic.

Avril Mathie takes a selfie in the gym.
Avril Mathie showed off her athletic figure in a red sports bra. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

Avril Mathie promotes Hayabusa Fightwear

Avril posted an impressive boxing video, in which she practiced some of her best moves. As she performed her fighting stances and moves, she wore skin-tight spandex.

Her spandex was skin toned and highlighted her awe-inspiring physique. She paired the spandex with red shoes, which certainly would need to get through a lot of wear and tear.

The Australian athlete fought with white boxing gloves that were both stylish and protective.

Avril tagged Hayabusa Fightwear to promote the brand that is said to empower fighters worldwide. The brand is certainly lucky to have Avril onboard to promote its products, and her video pulled in well over 1,000 likes.

The fighter captioned her post, “I keep going when the going isn’t really going… that’s patience.”

Avril Mathie loves to travel

Avril loves to travel and recently ventured to Cala de Sant Francesc.

The fighter posted a beautiful series of photos in a bikini with a breathtaking view. Her little bikini featured a zebra print pattern and highlighted her incredible body, with toned legs, abs, and arms.

Avril’s long and wavy brown hair flowed in the wind behind her all the way to her waist. Her smile was both warm and genuine.

The environment was magnificent with a crystal clear sky, shining blue waters, and large rocks that sat in the ocean. Avril stood tall on one rock as she basked in the beauty around her.

Avril included in her caption, “Travel > hypothetical kids college funds.”

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