Avril Mathie celebrates beach wedding with incredible seafood

Close-up of Avril Mathie
Avril Mathie shares a beach selfie in September 2021. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

Avril Mathie looked glowing this week as she attended her friend’s wedding on a beach in the Dominican Republic.

The pro-boxer needed time to unwind following her fight with Ramla Ali, who she lost to on February 6.

Avril wore a stunning short beige dress with a silver beaded overlay to the beach nuptials.

She admitted she didn’t even bring any shoes to the event!

Her long dark hair was pulled back in a loose braided style and looked free-spirited and happy in photos.

In an Instagram post showing off her beach outfit, Avril wrote, “My fave part of my outfit was the bare feet 🙌🏽😜 honestly as soon as I read “the wedding is on the beach” I didn’t even bring shoes 🤣.”

After the ceremony, the music started, and Avril danced with her friends as she drank out of a shiny disco ball cup with a straw.

The morning after the event, the 35-year-old looked fresh-faced as she posed on the sand in a floral triangle bikini, wearing a grey baseball cap with her hair in two braids.

Avril Mathie smiling at the beach wearing a floral bikini
Avril Mathie hung out at the beach after a friend’s wedding. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

Avril Mathie enjoys a seafood lunch at the beach

Avril enjoyed a delicious lunch at the beach with a male companion the next day. She panned the camera over the plates, which contained prawns, beans, and piles of rice.

She said in the short video, which she shared on her Instagram Story, “Got a bit of fresh seafood for lunch, straight out of the ocean! And some beans and a terrible salad, but the seafood’s amazing!”

As a professional boxer, Avril’s diet contains a lot of fresh meat, fish, veggies, and grains. But in a blog post from her own website, she shares some of her favorite foods to eat when she’s trying to keep her weight down. Avril includes foods like grapefruit, asparagus, black coffee, and avocados on her list.

She wrote in the post, “Basically, I want low calorie foods that have a lot of bang for my buck… foods that will satisfy my nutrient needs with minimal (or no) amounts of other s**t, make me feel full, foods that require higher amounts of energy to digest than they even contain and/or induce my metabolism to go into overdrive and chewing through calories left right and centre.”

Avril Mathie gets back to the gym

After her recent 10-round defeat, Avril took a week off to recoup, but it seems she got back to her usual routine before her trip to the Dominican this week.

She posted a Reel on Instagram that showed a smiling gym selfie wearing a matching charcoal sports bra and shorts set. The clip then flicked to an activity tracker which had recorded three workouts in one day, stating that Avril had danced and done strength training after running for almost one hour!

Avril was clearly on an exercise high and ecstatic to be back in the gym when she shared her post, writing, “From zero workouts in a week, to 3 workouts in 1 day… could you tell I was excited to get back at it 😜 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏽💃🏽.”

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