Avril Lavigne unbuttoned in fishnets is ‘iconic’

Avril Lavigne unbuttoned in fishnets is 'iconic'
Avril Lavigne smiling for the camera. Pic credit: ©

Avril Lavigne has been making a comeback in recent weeks, taking to social media with several different looks that have fans excited to see more of her in the spotlight.

The multiple Grammy-award winner shook her fans when she shared some pictures on her Instagram wearing nothing but a very chic and edgy black jacket and some black shorts as well.

Avril has always been known for being a ‘rebel’ and singing music not many people dare to sing about, especially women. Her look has always been the one of a true rock star.

Avril’s name has been tied for a while to the status of being different and being a fashion rebel for teens.

She took her Instagram the other day to show her followers she is still that person.

It doesn’t matter what year it is, or how old she is, Avril Lavigne always stays true to herself.

Avril Lavigne stuns fans in fishnets

The Complicated singer, is the new queen of Versace at 37 years old.

In this gorgeous set of photos, Avril Lavigne‘s jacket is unbuttoned, leaving us to see the top of the fishnets she is wearing underneath the shorts and nothing else as she isn’t wearing a shirt or bra.

The shorts themselves have a small squared cut-out at the sides, also allowing the fishnets to have their spotlight moment. The look doesn’t seem to be accessorized, however, Avril’s hair does that for us.

The punk princess is known for her beautiful blonde hair. But, in the past years, we have seen her experiment a little with different fantasy colors. This time, the end of her hair is bright orange, while her roots remain dark and the rest is blonde.

In the rest of the pictures, we can see she is wearing a pair of Converse shoes, keeping that casual, but punk, look.

We also have a better look at her amazing eye makeup, which is a brilliant grey metallic with long false lashes.

Needless to say, Avril Lavigne looks iconic and ageless. She captioned this set of pictures, “Very ?☠️ Versace ?☠️”

Avril Lavigne earns her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It’s no news that Lavigne holds some of the most iconic and historic records of all time.

The Canadian singer and songwriter has released seven studio albums, starting her career at just 16 years old. After signing a two-album recording contract with Arista Records, Avril released her debut studio album, Let Go in 2002.

A few days ago, she announced that she got her star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California.

She posed happily with her star and friends celebrating this magnificent achievement.

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