Avril Lavigne shares impressive bike skills along the beach

Avril Lavigne close up
Avril Lavigne is beautiful on her bike as she cruises along the beach during the sunset. Pic credit: ©

Avril Lavigne certainly knows how to take her fans by surprise.

The pop-punk singer is known for her edgy outfits and overall seemingly eccentric personality.

However, in her most recent share, Avril uploaded a short clip of herself riding her bike as she decided to dress a little bit more off-brand from her usual attire, sporting a casual, comfy fit instead.

The Complicated singer was filmed riding her black electric bike along the beach as she smiled and seemed to be having the time of her life.

As she smiled and laughed, Avril cruised right along the shoreline while the pink and yellow sunset beautifully glowed in the background.

Luckily for fans, Avril shared this one-of-a-kind clip with her Instagram followers, where they got to watch the fun unfold right before their very eyes.

Avril Lavigne shows off her impressive flexibility along the sunset

As she cruised along the beach, Avril even showcased some of her impressive skills as she sat on top of her electric bike.

In the middle of her session, the singer decided to lean forward as she tightly held the handlebars and raised her one leg way in the air.

It seemed as though Avril even impressed herself with her incredible balance and flexibility as she looked both happy and shocked after successfully performing her trick.

While she rode around, the blonde beauty geared up in all-black for the special sunset cruise. Some of her beach essentials included a black cropped hoodie and a black t-shirt that she had tucked into her sweatpants.

Avril also wore a pair of black-tinted sunglasses and rocked her new, shoulder-length hairdo.

In the end, fans also were quite impressed with Avril’s skillset as the Reel received over 208,000 likes as of this writing.

Avril Lavigne teams up with Killstar for a series of brand-new collections

When Avril isn’t busy writing music, or even enjoying a sunset cruise along the beach, the singer is instead involving herself in other creative endeavors.

In another IG share, the punk singer announced the exciting news that she’d be partnering up with Killstar to create a unique line of various clothing collections with the company.

Killstar is a UK-based company that sells an extensive line of edgy punk-rock clothing, jewelry, and home essentials. Given Avril’s natural grungy and somewhat eccentric taste, it only made sense why the artist teamed up with this particular company.

More so, some of their new pieces include a variety of plaid skirts and pants, numerous crop tops, one-of-a-kind sweaters, and various skeleton-printed cloaks and intimates.

However, for this particular post, the blonde beauty modeled in a black and yellow plaid skirt and paired it with a long-sleeved skeleton-themed shirt.

She went on to add some black fishnets and her black ankle boots while her vibrant-colored hair trickled down the front of her new Killstar fit.

Undoubtedly, Avril did a phenomenal job of creating her first clothing line with Killstar.

The caption read, “Excited to announce the next drop of the Avril Lavigne X Killstar Collection. This orange & black collection is inspired by the album “Love Sux” and what she would wear on stage ?? Shop the link in the bio!”

Fans can now browse through the numerous collections exclusively on Killstar’s official website.

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