Australian track star Desi Johnson shows off 8-pack abs in a bikini

Desi Johnson smiles into the camera.
Australian track star Desi Johnson shows her awe-inspiring abs in a bikini. Pic credit: @desijohnsonn/Instagram

Australian track star Desi Johnson showed off her killer abs in a little bikini.

The bikini was white and featured a sage green, tropical print. The style of the bikini showed off Desi’s incredible figure and her inspiring eight-pack abs.

Desi wore her brown hair down and let it flow to her sculpted shoulders. Her makeup was minimal, which was perfect for an active day under the sun.

The athlete’s background was about as gorgeous as she was. She was surrounded by an alluring pool, lush greenery, and a blue sky that was freckled with clouds.

Desi brought a delicious pink smoothie to her lips that included mixed berries and protein. One of the photos showed off some of the other ingredients that were included in the healthy snack.

The track star posted the look to Instagram on Tuesday, and it received over 7,000 likes. She included the recipe for the smoothie in her caption, which her fans were sure to love.

Desi Johnson shares a workout routine with her followers

Desi is an accomplished athlete with a killer body, and she works hard to keep in shape. She shared a video with her fans to share a workout routine that focused on squats.

The professional athlete showed off her incredible ability to squat under heavy weights with perfect form. She wore skintight leggings that showed off her curves and muscles as she squatted.

In the caption of her post, Desi shared the workout routine with her followers, so they could practice on their own time. There’s no doubt that Desi’s workout routines would be challenging, but yield great results.

Her followers must have appreciated the post, as it earned over 9,000 likes.

Desi Johnson smiles under the sun

Desi rocked another skimpy bikini and showed off her amazing physique. Her bikini included a sky-blue background with a colorful floral pattern over it.

The style of the bikini showed off Desi’s impressive abs and muscular body. In the last photo, she turned around so that the camera could capture more of her incredible curves.

Desi wore a couple of gold necklaces and her hair was back in a bun with a middle part.

The accomplished athlete seemed happy and content as she spent quality time outdoors.

Desi captioned her post, “All smiles for the sun.”

The post earned over 27,000 likes.

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