Australian model Natalie Roser stuns in black one-piece

Natalie Roser pic
Model Natalie Roser had temperatures rising with her latest social media share. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Natalie Roser had jaws on the floor once again in her most recent social media share.

The gorgeous Australian model doesn’t shy away from sharing her striking beauty with her fans and followers online.

And considering her profession includes knowing how to pose in front of the camera, it comes as no surprise that her recent post was to die for.

Similar to her many bikini-clad social media posts, this picture featured Natalie in her natural environment — in front of the camera, on the beach, and modeling some swimwear.

However, unlike her other bikini posts, Natalie switched up the swimwear for a simple but trendy one-piece.

While it might seem a little more on the demure side for the beautiful blonde, she managed to convey her ever-present fierceness for the shot.

Natalie Roser keeps it simple in a fitted black swimsuit

Taking to her Instagram, Natalie shared a picture from her recent photoshoot with It’s Now Cool (INC) swimwear.

Natalie stood front and center for the picture. She braced one elbow against a wall to her side, which helped elongate her slender frame.

Both of her arms were placed above her head. Her one hand had fingers running through her luscious blonde locks while the other was placed just above her eyes, helping to shade her from the bold sunlight.

As for swimwear, Natalie dazzled in a simple black one-piece swimsuit that perfectly fitted her toned body.

Although technically neutral, Natalie’s perfectly bronzed skin shone brightly in contrast to the simple piece.

Natalie’s hair was parted down the side and flowed down one shoulder in loose, beachy waves.

As usual, Natalie didn’t require much in the way of makeup. Her stunning features and natural beauty were kept simple, with just her well-manicured brows framing her face.

Natalie left the post’s caption simple, letting her followers know what brand her recent photoshoot was in support of.

“New for @itsnowcool 🖤,” she wrote.

Natalie promotes CASETiFY’s new Barbie line

Stepping away from the camera’s lens professionally, Natalie recently took the time to indulge in CASETiFY’s newest Barbie line of phone cases.

In a post to her Instagram, Natalie shared a compilation of video clips from the launch party for the bright and fun new line.

The phone cases included plenty of iconic Barbie logos along with the signature pink shades the brand has become known for.

“Oh, Barbie 🎀💕 Say hello to my new phone cover obsession #BarbiexCASETiFY 🥹 Barbie lovers unite 💘,” Natalie captioned her post.

CASETiFY’s official Instagram account also shared Natalie’s post and put a twist on the hit Aqua song, Barbie Girl, in a fun caption.

“Come on Barbie, let’s go party 🎀 💕 Say hello to @natalie_roser’s new phone cover obsession #BarbiexCASETiFY 💘,” they wrote in the caption.

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