Australian model Natalie Roser is all smiles while she stuns in the sun

Natalie Roser
Model Natalie Roser basked in the sun’s bright rays for a social media share. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Australian model Natalie Roser was all smiles as she soaked up some sun in her most recent social media share.

The blonde beauty isn’t shy about sharing her life with fans and followers online and often lets them in on the little secrets of her life’s joys.

As it turns out, and it’s no surprise to her fans, Natalie is a huge fan of the sunshine.

With a brief glance at her social media profiles, it becomes apparent that she thrives in the sunshine and in front of any camera lens.

During a recent photoshoot, Natalie smiled brightly as she posed for a stunning snap.

Though the picture only captured her from the waist up, her happiness and comfort were evident.

Natalie Roser smiles while enjoying her ‘obsession with sunshine’

Over on her Instagram grid, Natalie shared a stunning shot of herself lying topless on a marble slab while her face was washed with waves of sunshine.

With her head tipped back and off the table, Natalie seemingly couldn’t help but smile with her eyes closed gently as she absorbed the warmth.

Her lush blonde locks hung off the end of the marble piece and were pulled away from the back of her neck.

Natalie’s perfectly bronzed skin took center stage against the white marble and cream-colored furniture barely visible in the background.

Although Natalie was pictured without her usual swimwear, her tasteful accessories elevated the look of the shot

Around her neck, Natalie wore a simple gold chain with a pendant that laid flat at the base of her neck.

Her hands were adorned with three rings well complemented by her light-manicured fingernails.

“My obsession with sunshine continues ☀️,” Natalie wrote in the caption.

Natalie Roser shares skincare routine while promoting Trinny London beauty

When Natalie isn’t busy in front of the camera, the 32-year-old takes self-care seriously behind the scenes.

In a separate post to Instagram, Natalie gave her followers a look at her skincare routine using products from Trinny London.

The video compilation featured Natalie’s routine from beginning to end. From cleansing to serums and moisturizers.

In addition to sharing her routine, Natalie captioned the post and listed the products that she’s found to be the most helpful.

“I use the ‘BE YOUR BEST’ Enzyme Balm Cleanser, the ‘PLUMP UP’ Peptide+ HA Serum & the ‘BOUNCE BACK’ Intense Peptide Moisturiser,” her caption read, in part.

According to the beauty brand’s website, it was founded by Trinny Woodall, and the mission of Trinny London is to “give everyone the tools to be their best.”

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