Australian model Emily Sears is all smiles in her sunflower ensemble

Emily Sears is stunning in her floral prints.
Emily Sears smiles for the camera as she glistens in her floral-printed ensemble. Pic credit: @emilysears/Instagram

Fan-favorite model Emily Sears looked gorgeous as she encapsulated the utmost perfect photograph in her floral attire.

The beloved Australian beauty was spotted modeling in her gorgeous, two-piece sunflower ensemble as she glistened and glowed for the shot.

Emily smiled from ear to ear as she stood in front of a pretty pastel pink wall covered with matching pink flowers.

Between the pink floral arrangement in the background and her bright yellow sunflower attire, Emily captured the perfect combination of colors.

The 37-year-old took to her Instagram with the photograph as she shared it with her 5.2 million followers.

As she posted the stellar shot, she even reached out to her fans in the caption, asking them for some important beauty advice.

Emily Sears is glowing in her floral-printed attire

In the Instagram post, Emily looked heavenly as she modeled in her sunflower set.

The two-piece set included a black and yellow sunflower crop top and matching high-waisted pants.

The cutesy crop top was an off-the-shoulder style with floral sleeves that went from her elbows to her wrists.

The model accessorized with a large sun pendant and a pair of gold hoop earrings.

Her nails were painted to match the aesthetic as she had a fresh set of shiny, yellow nails.

Emily had her hair parted down the middle for the shot, as it was styled in light waves.

Her hair gave off a beautiful ombré look, while it went from light brown to blonde by the ends.

Emily reached out to her fans, captioning the post, “Is it time to bring back my natural hair color or do I keep the blonde? 🤔.”

Emily Sears promotes 1st Phorm Energy while sending a special message to her fans

In another recent post, Emily teamed up with her favorite supplement company, 1st Phorm.

The Aussie has always been a massive fan of the company as she’s continued working with them over the years, constantly promoting their tasty and refreshing energy drinks. 

1st Phorm also offers a wider variety of supplements and vitamins made with premium ingredients, hence why Emily is such a huge fan.

However, for this post, the model expressed to her fans that she was “pounding” down the energy drink due to a recent sickness.

In the caption, she wrote, “Hey y’all! Pounding a @1stphorm energy drink to get the energy to finally unpack from my trip. If you didn’t see in my stories I woke up extremely sick the day after I got back from my New Orleans trip with a sinus and throat infection! 🤒.”

In the short video clip, Emily wore a blue, low-cut cardigan and threw her hair back into a pigtail. Even though the model was sick, she still had a glowing complexion.

In addition to her announcement of being sick, she also wanted to remind fans that everyone goes through both the highs and the lows while navigating through life.

Emily took it upon herself to share her “lows” so that fans could see the reality of things.

In the caption, Emily said, “In 2023 I want to be mindful of not only posting my life highlights but also including the real-life lows as well. The past couple of days have been awful I have barely been able to get out of bed. Be careful out there cause there are a lot of people getting sick especially in LA with all the rain. Take care y’all and thanks again for the well wishes x #1stphorm.”

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