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Austin McBroom of The ACE Family facing rape allegations after Cole Carrigan video

Cole Carrigan on YouTube
Cole Carrigan accuses Austin McBroom of rape. Pic credit: Cole Carrigan/YouTube

UPDATE: Austin McBroom has responded to the rape allegations, saying he is the victim of “extortion, defamation and slander” and that he is taking legal action.


Professional makeup artist and social media influencer Cole Carrigan has accused The ACE Family YouTuber and Instagram star Austin McBroom of being involved in the rape of a woman.

Cole Carrigan, a former Team 10 member, made the allegation against McBroom in a YouTube video uploaded yesterday (October 14). He said he felt compelled to come forward with the allegation because the alleged victim was too scared and ashamed to come forward herself.

Carrigan claimed that the alleged victim was a friend. He said she was very distraught and was crying hysterically when she called him on June 22 and told him that the reported incident happened on a yacht in Miami. It was claimed that Austin McBroom, his dad, an NBA player, and a security guard were involved in the incident.

Cole had been posting tweets alluding to the allegation against McBroom and the others earlier in the month before he finally made the video. He said he decided to make the video after a tweet he posted on October 11, below, got a a lot of attention. He said that after the tweet many people sent private messages sharing their personal experiences with McBroom.

Carrigan claimed that the messages he received made him believe the alleged incident was not the first time something similar had happened, so he felt he had to come forward to prevent anything happening again.

Carrigan also alleged that after his tweet on October 11, a member of McBroom’s team tweeted a threat to his friend (see video above), warning about “serious consequences” if she and Carrigan acted further on the allegation.

Carrigan said he told his friend to ignore the alleged threat. He then said that YouTuber Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem who runs the YouTube channel DramaAlert reached out to him to inquire about the story behind the tweet. KEEMSTAR reportedly asked him about what happened and he gave KEEMSTAR a rundown.

KEEMSTAR also reportedly asked to talk with his friend. Carrigan said he convinced his friend to talk to KEEMSTAR because it would help her to get justice and also encourage other girls in similar situations to come forward.

After speaking with KEEMSTAR, Carrigan expected him to make a video about the allegations but he did not. After he waited a while, he reportedly got in touch with KEEMSTAR to inquire why he hadn’t made and posted a video about the alleged rape. He said he asked KEEMSTAR how much they paid him to keep quiet, and KEEMSTAR reportedly texted back “$500K.”

Carrigan alleged that KEEMSTAR was aware of the alleged rape incident, but he decided to not make the video after allegedly receiving money.

KEEMSTAR has since tweeted several responses, casting doubt on Carrigan’s reliability as a source and highlighting the fact the rape claims came from an anonymous person.

KEEMSTAR also said that his response to Carrigan that he received $500k to keep quiet about the rape allegation was only a joke. He said he was just being sarcastic because he thought that Carrigan’s question about how much he received to keep quiet was rude.

KEEMSTAR also posted a video highlighting some of his concerns, and branding Carrigan a “clout chaser.”

Carrigan reportedly told his friend that because KEEMSTAR had allegedly been paid to keep quiet he himself would have to come forward about the allegation, so he sought her permission and she agreed.

Carrigan said he decided to come forward because his friend was too scared and ashamed to come forward herself.

According to Carrigan, the alleged rape happened on a yacht and involved McBroom, his father, a security guard, and others, including an NBA player friend of McBroom’s.

In the video, Carrigan presented photos of the aftermath of the alleged rape as evidence. One photo shows blood on bed sheets after the alleged incidents on June 22. He also presented text messages that were claimed to have been exchanged after the alleged incident.

Carrigan said two women, both his friends, were in the room when the incident happened. In his YouTube video, Carrigan calls one of them on his phone and she gave more details. She said both she and the alleged rape victim were unable to resist because they were drunk, but neither gave consent to sexual activity — and that her friend shouted ‘no’.

The alleged victim was sobbing in the shower when she is claimed to have called Carrigan, crying hysterically.

The allegation by Carrigan has caused widespread shock on Twitter. Carrigan’s video, uploaded to YouTube yesterday, had received more than 2.5 million views at the time of writing. Many have taken to Twitter to demand action against Austin McBroom, although others have expressed skepticism.

Some Twitter users have also been demanding that the entire ACE Family get “cancelled” over the rape allegations. Others have been trolling Catherine Paiz, Austin McBroom’s partner.

Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom have been in a relationship for several years, and they have two kids. McBroom is yet to respond over the allegations. Monsters and Critics has reached out to him for comment.

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