Aubrey Plaza reveals bleach blonde hair in tights

aubrey plaza blonde
Aubrey Plaza ditched the dark locks that fans have grown accustomed to and dyed her hair blonde. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Aubrey Plaza ditched her signature dark hair for a surprising bleach blonde look as the Parks and Recreation actress unveiled a brand new look as part of a feature.

The actress, who has been gracing the screens of millions during the second season of The White Lotus, revealed the blonde tresses in an article for the Los Angeles Times.

Aubrey shared an image from the article, which featured her in an office setting, looking chic and elegant, as usual.

What was unusual, however, was Aubrey’s straw-colored hair, which fans hadn’t seen on the stunner before.

Aubrey treated her 3.4 million fans and followers, some of whom may not have seen the L.A. Times piece, to her look as a blonde.

Aubrey sat in a pink chair with chrome gold legs, resting one hand on a desk and another under her chin. She sported a bright-red manicure and rings on both ring fingers.

Aubrey Plaza stuns in miniskirt with blonde hair

The actress wore a black long-sleeve shirt and crossed her legs, which were visible thanks to her white and black miniskirt. Aubrey donned sheer tights paired with chunky, black, close-toed heels as she struck a pose.

Aubrey referenced her new hair color in the caption that accompanied the picture, suggesting that fans would one day understand the hair change. It sounded like Aubrey dyed her hair for an acting role, but fans will have to stay tuned to learn the reason for the drastic change.

Her caption read, “Someday the blonde will all make sense… ? @latimes @emilythecriminal @thewhitelotus.”

Aubrey revealed in her L.A. Times interview that when it came to acting, she disliked doing the same thing repeatedly. Aubrey explained, “I think that when you’re in Hollywood, and you have played a character on television for years and years and years, people kind of want the same thing, or they assume that’s your thing or whatever.”

She said that she strived to avoid being typecast when choosing her roles. Although Aubrey may not be a fan of routine acting roles, she previously shared that she had a morning wake-up routine.

Aubrey Plaza loves Nespresso for her morning routine

Aubrey has served as the face of Nespresso, much like Brazilian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio.

The White Lotus actress told Bon Appetit that her brain doesn’t work until she consumes espresso from her Nespresso.

Aubrey explained, “My brain does not work until I have at least two or three shots of espresso from my Nespresso machine with the little pods. It’s pretty great. I usually make a double–sometimes triple–almond milk latte.”

Although Aubrey’s daily routine may be familiar, her acting roles and style have remained anything but ordinary.

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