Aubrey Plaza reminds fans about new The White Lotus episode

aubrey plaza swimsuit
Aubrey Plaza posed in paradise while reminding fans that a new episode of The White Lotus airs tonight. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Aubrey Plaza didn’t allow a trip to paradise to stop her from promoting her latest acting gig.

The gorgeous Parks and Recreation actress took to her Instagram Stories with a timely reminder about her show, The White Lotus.

Aubrey certainly made a good argument as she posed in a black swimsuit with a plunging neckline.

The actress posed from a balcony in black Dolce & Gabbana with a gold D&G above her navel. She wore black sunglasses and her shoulder-length hair in natural waves as she soaked up the sun and struck a pose.

Aubrey paired the black swimsuit with a white and yellow sarong which she tied around her hips. She rocked flip-flops and placed one knee on top of a patio couch. The couch featured beautiful upholstery and adorable dolphins on decorative pillows adorning the furniture.

Behind Aubrey, a clear divider showed her reflection. The divider allowed viewers to see a bright blue sky. Below Aubrey, the view was equally stunning, with lush greenery decorating the landscape. There was also blue ocean water as far as the eye could see.

Aubrey has been killing it for over a decade with memorable television and film roles.

aubrey plaza swimsuit
Pic credit: @plazadeaubrey/Instagram

Aubrey Plaza’s Nespresso love

Aubrey spoke with Bon Appetit about her daily routine and morning preferences. 

The actress revealed that she loved brunch and woke up at varying times. She also explained that to wake up, she required a lot of espresso from her Nespresso machine.

Aubrey said, “My brain does not work until I have at least two or three shots of espresso from my Nespresso machine with the little pods. It’s pretty great. I usually make a double–sometimes triple–almond milk latte.”

Aubrey’s caffeinated state may have helped her with her latest role in the Emmy-winning series, The White Lotus.

Aubrey Plaza stars in The White Lotus

Aubrey seemed like a perfect fit for HBO’s The White Lotus, which has already received multiple Emmys, including one for Best Limited Series.

Mike White, the man behind The White Lotus, revealed that he wrote a role specifically for Aubrey. 

He explained, “Aubrey has this sardonic persona, but in real life, she also has a lot of colors: she’s compassionate, complicated and interesting, and kind.”

The writer concluded that creating a role for such a personality was enjoyable.

The White Lotus airs Sundays at 9 p.m. E.T. on HBO.

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