Aubrey Plaza is glowing and covered in tiny mirrors to celebrate Emily The Criminal

Aubrey Plaza was covered in tiny mirrors as she received praise from W magazine
Aubrey Plaza was covered in tiny mirrors as she received praise from W magazine for Emily The Criminal. Pic credit: ©

Aubrey Plaza was the latest celebrity to join the sheer dress trend, but like everything else in her life, the actress added a twist.

The Parks and Recreation alum has had an incredible year, stacking her resume with hits like The White Lotus and Emily The Criminal.
And while The White Lotus has been the name on everyone’s lips, the latest shoot was about Emily The Criminal.

The film, written and directed by John Patton Ford, received great praise at various showings, including the Sundance Film Festival, where it first played.

Aubrey received special honors from W magazine, which did a feature about the actress for her work in Emily The Criminal. The purpose of the feature was to celebrate excellence in film in the past year, which Aubrey certainly demonstrated.

Other actors who did features with W magazine included Kate Hudson, Ana de Armas, and Brendan Fraser, all of whom received recognition for their performances.

But Aubrey took things up a notch with her mirror-adorned ensemble that was trendy, chic, and full of personality.

Aubrey Plaza stuns in sheer look covered with mirrors

Aubrey shared the picture of her mirror dress on Instagram with her 3.7 million followers.

The picture showed Aubrey striking a pose in front of a blue background.

She sported bright red nail polish, which became more apparent with her hand placed behind her freshly dyed hair.

Aubrey bent her knee and balanced a cup of coffee in a crafty manner, showing that her talents extended to modeling.

As it turns out, Aubrey’s love for coffee has been a longtime affair. The actress snagged a brand deal with coffee giant Nespresso and gave an interview where she offered her signature humor while promoting the brand.

Aubrey Plaza promotes Nespresso

Much like model Alessandra Ambrosio, Nespresso chose Aubrey Plaza to represent the brand.

Although Aubrey doesn’t have her own flavor of coffee like Alessandra, she does say she needs it morning.

Aubrey talked with the culinary magazine Bon Appetit where she shared information about her morning routine. Unsurprisingly, Aubrey said that coffee played a big part in her morning activities.

Aubrey said, “My brain does not work until I have at least two or three shots of espresso from my Nespresso machine with the little pods. It’s pretty great. I usually make a double–sometimes triple–almond milk latte.”

With the help of caffeine, Aubrey entered the award season with energy as her projects continued to receive a buzz.

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