Aubrey Plaza invites fans to meet her latest character Sarah Fidel

Aubrey Plaza face
Aubrey Plaza promotes her character for her new movie. Pic credit: © Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

It seems like actress Aubrey Plaza is everywhere, recently starring in smash hits like The White Lotus and Emily the Criminal, to name a few.

And luckily for Aubrey fans, she has another film coming out next week.

The Parks and Recreation actress just took to her social media to share a sneak peek at an upcoming role in a spy thriller, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre.

She chose to share the trailer on her Instagram page, posting for her 4 million followers on the platform.

As fans would learn in the clip, her latest acting role showed more versatility from Aubrey.

The clip starts with Aubrey in a black tank top and brown slacks as her character, Sarah Fidel, is introduced as a tech genius.

Aubrey Plaza stars in Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Subsequent shots show Aubrey engaging in action with muscle cars and guns, adding to the excitement.

Beautiful shots feature a few well-known landmarks in Paris and London as the movie takes an international approach that is sure to wow viewers.

Aubrey’s caption read, “Hahahaha. Meet Sarah Fidel. #OperationFortune – only in theaters March 3rd.”

The film, directed by acclaimed visionary Guy Ritchie, also stars Jason Statham and Josh Hartnett. The movie is a mixture of action, comedy, and thriller genres, promising to be a smash hit with audiences.

But as it turns out, even Aubrey has skin struggles, something she is aware of as she stars on the big screen.

Aubrey Plaza becomes the first Peet Rivko ambassador

Like millions of women worldwide, Aubrey previously suffered from hormonal acne each month. As an actress who makes a living in front of the camera, Aubrey’s skin issues were highly problematic.

Luckily for Aubrey, she found the perfect treatment to fix her skin problems — a brand called Peet Rivko.

Brooklyn native Johanna Peet created Peet Rivko in 2017 as a clean, unisex skincare line. Aubrey became the first brand ambassador for the organic skin company, crediting the products with quelling her hormonal acne.

She praised her skincare sponsorship in an interview with The Cut.

Aubrey told the publication about her Peet Rivko routine, saying, “It’s pretty simple, especially now that Peet Rivko exists. It’s cleanser, moisturizer, oil. Done.”

She continued to tout the benefits of the brand, especially for someone who has to wear a lot of makeup.

Aubrey explained, “If I feel like I’m super hormonal or I’m having breakouts — a lot of times because I’m an actor, I have so much makeup on my face and people are putting makeup on my face all day, and sometimes it irritates my skin.”

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