Aubrey Plaza ‘checks in’ in her undies and sheer minidress for new magazine cover

Aubrey Plaza is glittering and sheer for her latest profile. Pic credit: ©

Aubrey Plaza is the queen of deadpan humor, but the actress might want to consider dipping her toes into modeling as well.

The White Lotus star recently appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair for a new profile, and her outfit for the occasion was splendid.

Aubrey hit the cover head to toe in Miu Miu — well, head to thighs, as the actress was bare-legged and barefoot for the shoot.

Although the magazine didn’t specify which pieces were worn for the shoot, the bralette seems similar to Miu Miu’s Poplin bra, which retails for $775.

The bottoms are similar to the Poplin boxer shorts ($625), and the sheer minidress over the look is their Crystal-Embellished Crochet Mini Dress, which retails for a grand $10,00.

The jewelry is from the avant-garde brand Repossi, with rings ranging in price from approximately $700 to $28,5000.

Here’s how Aubrey Plaza keeps her body toned

It’s clear from her Vanity Fair cover that Aubrey puts effort into keeping her body toned and looking sharp. However, it turns out that working out consistently isn’t something that Aubrey is the best at.

She informed The Cut that working out is not a consistent thing for her for a few reasons. She used to work out by playing basketball but ended up tearing her ACL and having knee surgery, so her workout changed.

If she’s not playing basketball, she’s into yoga, which she says is “probably my favorite exercise because I’m not so much into cardio.”

That said, Aubrey is still very mindful of what she puts into her body and does keep a skincare routine to keep herself looking great.

Aubrey Plaza reveals her skincare routine for her incredible skin

It’s no secret that Aubrey has a great complexion and amazing skin, and we can see why. While genetics likely plays a big role, she also has a consistent skincare routine to keep herself in check.

Her routine is rather simple, though. She revealed to The Cut, “It’s cleanser, moisturizer, oil. Done.” However, she does occasionally use an acne product if she’s feeling stressed, has worn a lot of makeup, or in general, is breaking out.

At the time of her interview, she enjoyed using Peet Rivko products on her skin. The brand was founded by her friend Johanna and was made from gentle, plant-based ingredients.

However, the brand, unfortunately, stopped producing products.

Everyone’s skin is different, though, and it seems the classic blend of a cleanser, oil, moisturizer, and SPF product will set anyone up for a successful day.

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