Aubrey Paige slammed for going after ‘sugar daddy’ Ryan Seacrest’s money

Ryan and Aubrey snap a selfie while out to dinner in Rome, Italy. Pic credit: @aubreypaige_/Instagram

Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend came under scrutiny when her critics implied that she was a gold digger.

Aubrey Paige Petcosky, who goes by Aubrey Paige, is celebrating another trip around the sun.

While the occasion should be a happy one, the svelte model was met with some harsh criticism concerning her boyfriend of two years, Ryan Seacrest.

Aubrey uploaded a carousel of photos to her Instagram feed to commemorate her 26th birthday.

In the stunning shots, the entrepreneur donned a green gown with cutouts and a high slit as she struck several poses on her porch, overlooking the city below.

In the caption of her post, Aubrey penned, “26 & beyond blessed 💚💚💚 Cheers to another transformative year 🥂.”

While thousands of Aubrey’s 79,100 Instagram followers liked her post and sent well wishes, some critics also showed up in the comments section to leave disparaging remarks.

Several of Aubrey’s disparagers insinuated that she was using Ryan for his money and weren’t shy about voicing it.

Critics come for Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend Aubrey Paige Petcosky: ‘After his money’

“Where is your sugar daddy?” asked an Instagram user.

Another commented that Aubrey is after Ryan’s money, hinting that she’s a gold digger.

aubrey paige's instagram critics comment on her birthday post
Aubrey received some intense criticism on her birthday post. Pic credit: @aubreypaige_/Instagram

Another critic came for Aubrey, telling the leggy brunette, “Youre no Taylor Swift, do something that people will actually care about instead of just dating that guy 2x your age who’s name i forget at the moment.”

Ryan and Aubrey’s relationship history

Aubrey and Ryan have been a couple since 2021 and have done a decent job keeping their romance under wraps.

Aubrey has shared a few photos of herself and Ryan on her Instagram feed, but the future Wheel of Fortune host has not included his lady love on his.

In addition to Ryan keeping his social media accounts free of lovey-dovey posts about himself and Aubrey, the duo rarely makes public appearances together.

Aubrey debuted Ryan for the first time on Instagram in a carousel post uploaded on New Year’s Eve in 2021.

In the photos, the lovebirds posed for a set of photos, clad in their evening attire, as Aubrey snuggled up to her new man.

“Safe to say the best part of 2021 was meeting the most incredible man 😍🙌🏼,” she captioned the photos. “Wishing everyone love, happiness, safety & health in 2022 🥂.”

Will Aubrey make an honest man out of Ryan?

As Monsters and Critics reported, body language expert Judi James claimed that Ryan’s body language indicates physical detachment from Aubrey.

After analyzing some photos of Ryan and Aubrey on social media and at red-carpet appearances, Judi estimated the photos show “a non-committal-looking gap between their bodies.”

It’s interesting to note that Ryan has dated a bevy of beautiful women but has never proposed to any of them and has never been married.

Will Aubrey be the one who finally convinces Ryan to settle down, or will the American Idol host remain a perpetual bachelor? Judging by Ryan’s relationship history, we’d say Aubrey shouldn’t get her hopes up, but anything is possible.

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7 months ago

It’s a fake relationship between those two Aubrey gets something out of it and so does he but they aren’t together but she’s just with him to gain fame and some of his wealth but I hear he’s in a secret relationship with an older woman that nobody knows about online

2 months ago

She’s a smart girl 🤓