Aubrey O’Day stuns in plunging feathered bodysuit

Close up of Aubrey O'Day's face.
Aubrey O’Day’s face close up. Pic credit: @aubreyoday/Instagram

Aubrey O’Day posted a lovely picture reminding her fans and followers how stunning she really is.

In the gorgeous shot, she is wearing a feathered bodysuit with a plunging neckline that reveals tons of skin.

Aubrey has been getting ready to celebrate Halloween in the season of fall with some seductive costume pictures.

She’s also been enjoying the last few days of warm summer weather in sexy bikinis on the shorelines of her local beaches.

Her latest picture isn’t about Halloween costumes or tantalizing swimsuits though –– and she is still totally stealing the show.

Here’s how she accessorized and decked out her beautiful feathered bodysuit in a recent Instagram Story post.

Aubrey O’Day’s plunging feathered bodysuit looks alluring

Aubrey‘s flawless Instagram Story post looks even more incredible thanks to the feathered bodysuit she chose to wear. The bodysuit appears to be made of black velvety material with long sleeves that cover her arms.

There are tons of fluffy feather materials sewn in around her chest, over her shoulders, around her wrists, and near her hips. The plunging neckline comes together with a zipper down the center of her stomach, and since it’s zipped down so low, her chest is easy to see.

A feathered bodysuit was worn by Aubrey O'Day.
Aubrey O’Day wearing a feathered bodysuit. Pic credit: @aubreyoday/Instagram

Aubrey accessorized the feathered bodysuit with a series of stunning necklaces stacked on top of each other around her neck.

The top necklace is a simple gold chain, the second necklace has a small charm, the third necklace has a word in cursive written, and the fourth necklace has a larger charm hanging from the bottom.

Aubrey wore her bright blonde hair parted down the middle in smooth curls and waves framing her face. In terms of her makeup, she went for a more dramatic look with smoky eyeshadow, lashes, mascara, contour, a shade of nude lipstick, eyebrow tint, bronzer, and blush.

Aubrey O’Day‘s vacation pictures are sizzling

When Aubrey goes on vacation, she knows how to choose some of the most alluring and captivating bikinis of all time.

In a picture she posted over the summer, she’s rocking a tan-colored two-piece with tons of rope-style strings tied around her chest, rib cage, and hips.

In the picture, she accessorized with several rings covering every single finger on one hand, and three clunky bracelets on her wrists. She also added hoop earrings to complete the look.

Aubrey‘s blonde hair was parted down the middle once again, and she looked like a showstopper with a blend of orange and purple eyeshadow.

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