Aubrey O’Day stuns in plunging black swimsuit

Close up of Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O’Day is rocking a black swimsuit that flatters her curves. Pic credit: ©

Aubrey O’Day let the sun highlight her beauty as the Danity Kane alum basked in the light.

The singer took to her Instagram Stories for a stunning share in a swimsuit.

The Making The Band alum has been killing it on her IG Stories with Danity Kane throwbacks and a ton of bikini photos.

Her black one-piece picture was particularly stunning as her beauty shined through in the shot.

The black swimsuit hugged her curves and featured a plunging neckline that flattered her shape.

She pivoted her hips as the sun kissed her thighs in the high-cut bathing suit.

The ex of Jersey Shore star Pauly D tilted her head back and placed one arm in her hair, with the other falling by her side.

Aubrey O’Day looks gorgeous in black swimsuit

She parted her lips to reveal an especially plump pout that was glossy. Aubrey wore shimmery brown eyeshadow and bronzer on her cheeks, with highlighter on the bridge of her nose and chin.

Aubrey sported blonde locks in a center part with loose waves.

She accessorized with gold hoop earrings, a pearl charm bracelet, and a single gold ring.

She wore long dark acrylics which matched her black swimsuit.

aubrey oday swimsuit
Pic credit: @aubreyoday/Instagram

Aubrey added a white open blazer which she wore with the one-piece, giving her look a touch of elegance.

Aubrey O’Day called out for photoshop use

Critics have called out Aubrey numerous times for her alleged use of photoshop in her pictures. In August, Aubrey received criticism for photoshopping, but it wasn’t her body that caused ire.

Page Six reported that fans were upset over Aubrey photoshopping herself into a vacation environment. Never one to hold her tongue, Aubrey quickly clapped back at her detractors with a lengthy Instagram caption.

Aubrey began the caption, “took the PJ to Heaven in the last 24.. wanted to share with y’all how beautiful it was.. also ran into Jesus and we hugged it out.”

She continued, “..and not that I need to explain myself, but I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and have been traveling the world since I was 7. If I want my Instagram to be curated like a museum of ART then that’s what the f**k is going to happen.”

Aubrey explained that she was a visionary and an artist.

She wrote, “I’m an artist, a REAL creator. I do all of my creative from my music to my flicks.. everything from my hair, glam, nails, styling, backdrops, editing, shooting, & the weather isn’t always perfect when I shoot, and I vacation alone.. I don’t need to be flown places.”

Aubrey asked fans to respect her process and vibrate high with her.

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