Aubrey O’Day in jeweled bra highlights skirt

Aubrey taking a selfie
Aubrey O’Day stuns in a colorful tule outfit on her Instagram story. Pic credit: @aubreyoday/Instagram

It doesn’t matter what she is doing, or where she is going, Aubrey O’Day will always prove that she is the queen of color.  

The Danity Kane singer has been performing with her reunited group mates and looking better than ever. To celebrate she posted a bunch of Instagram Stories amid the events. 

The group was originally put together by Sean “Diddy” Combs in the hit series, Making the Band. 

Danity Kane, a group of five, released two albums before going their separate ways in 2008 due to label issues. However, this wouldn’t be the last we would see of Aubrey and the group. Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, and Dawn Richard would later reunite to bring back Danity Kane. 

To this day the girls could still be seen performing and releasing new singles together. In the midst of showing off videos of their sound check, Aubrey posted plenty of racy photos from her latest photo shoots.  

Among those photos, Aubrey O’Day stunned in a bright colorful outfit in front of a muted background. She clearly knows how to stand out in any photo. 

Aubrey O’Day gets busty in a jeweled bra  

Aubrey stepped out in a small jeweled bra and vibrant tulle skirt on her Instagram Story Thursday. She put the look together with a jet black corset belt and neon cropped denim jacket. 

The singer posed in front of a bright green Mercedes Benz and somehow managed to completely upstage the luxury car.  

She accessorized the look with neon green heels and a delicate necklace to complete the look. 

The Danity Kane star ditched her long blond hair and opted for a silver asymmetrical bob to add to her festival vibe. 

Aubrey coordinated her eye makeup with her tulle skirt, wearing bright pink eyeshadow. She focused on making her bone structure pop using bold highlighter that contrasted with her subtle nude lip.

Aubrey O'Day in colorful outfit
Aubrey O’Day stuns in a festive, colorful outfit.. Pic credit: @aubreyoday/Instagram

Aubrey O’Day addresses the haters 

While Aubrey is known to unveil stunning photos on her Instagram to her 951k followers, she also uses it to address hateful comments.

She has been getting a lot of negative comments about her appearance including the use of filler, hair extensions, and makeup, and how she depends too much on them. She had enough and decided to address these comments on Instagram in September.

She told her followers, “I just love putting my art on display.. and as someone who can do professional hair, makeup, styling, the creative, & shoot myself, plus edit it all solo.. it’s fun for me to switch it up and challenge my creative abilities.” 

Whether on Instagram or on stage, Aubrey is going to flex her creative abilities for her fans to see. As long as Aubrey loves what she is doing, her fans will surely support her.