Aubrey O’Day doubles down on Photoshop use amid backlash

Aubrey O'Day poses for a closeup selfie
Aubrey O’Day doubled down on her defense for utilizing Photoshop. Pic credit: @aubreyoday/Instagram

Aubrey O’Day spoke out to address claims and criticism of her utilizing Photoshop to place herself into luxury vacation pictures. In an interview on November 29, 2022, she defended photo editing as art.

She has already addressed her usage of Photoshop in the past. However, she decided to double down on her defense and further explain her reasoning for using the photo editing software.

O’Day explained that she sees her Instagram as “an artist.” She purposefully doesn’t share her everyday life with fans because she doesn’t “belong to others.”

Hence, instead of sharing her personal life with her fans, she wanted to share the art that she has created with them.

Furthermore, she reiterated that she has visited the surrounding areas of the places she Photoshopped herself into. However, she merely Photoshopped herself into some specific spots that were too difficult to get to.

O’Day concluded, “So, when you see things like this, if you guys can agree, I’m making art.”

Aubrey O’Day’s Photoshop usage explained

O’Day has posted several Photoshopped pictures in recent months. For example, she posted one in Greece where she was obviously Photoshopped standing above the city of Santorini.

However, as she explained in her defense, the Photoshopped photo was followed by a video proving that she really was in Greece.

She posted a similar photo from Bali that seemingly showed her in a precarious position. Though that particular image appeared Photoshopped, she did, again, prove that she had been to Bali before.

In August of this year, O’Day got called out by a TikToker for Photoshopping her images. TikToker @residualdata went viral after she posted a video criticizing O’Day’s Photoshopping.

In the TikTok, which has since been deleted, @residualdata stated, “I will truly never get over people Photoshopping themselves into random vacation photos.”

O’Day responded to TikToker’s video

The TikTok was ultimately deleted, but not before O’Day penned a response to it on August 21. She began the video by humorously Photoshopping herself into heaven.

She joked about going to heaven and hugging it out with Jesus. However, she then stated, “He [Jesus] told me to let the child on tiktok with SO much to say about my life.. that you don’t need to concentrate on others to be your own version of special and necessary in this world.”

O’Day then went on to address the criticism she had received. She explained that she has been traveling the world since she was seven and that if she wanted her Instagram curated like a museum, she should be able to do so.

Furthermore, O’Day reiterated that on vacation, the weather isn’t always perfect, nor can she be flown to every place. However, she still wanted to create beautiful content for her followers and artfully capture her vacations.

She also stated that her Photoshopped pictures visually excited her and she wanted to share that excitement with her fans. Plus, she didn’t intend to get anything out of the photos and just wanted to spread joy through them.

Despite the backlash, she has stood firmly by her initial defense of using Photoshop.

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