Ashley Tisdale wows in shredded Daisy Dukes to celebrate sweater weather

Close up of Ashley Tisdale at the Brooks Brothers Annual Holiday Celebration in 2019
Ashley Tisdale is ready for colder temps in a sweater and shredded short shorts. Pic credit: ©

Who says daisy dukes and sweaters don’t pair well together for the fall? Ashley Tisdale shows that they very well do as she prepares for some cooler temps.

Ashley wore an oversized white sweater with black stripes and looked super cozy as she stood in front of a wooden table and bench. One of her hands was covered with the sweater’s sleeve and dangled in front of her.

The beauty also had on light blue frayed Daisy Dukes, showing off her shapely legs.

Ashley went with a natural look, choosing to be fresh-faced and appeared to be wearing no jewelry.

Her blonde tresses were parted in the center and fell into waves around her shoulders. She placed her hand on her head while bracing herself on the wall with her elbow.

The High School Musical star left her caption short and sweet, simply writing, “Bring on sweater weather.” Obviously, Ashley is ready for the temperature to drop just a little bit more.

Ashley Tisdale hasn’t aged since she was in High School Musical

It was almost 20 years ago when Ashley graced our television screens as 17-year-old Sharpay Evans in the Disney movie series High School Musical. But in her latest TikTok video, she hilariously let it be known that she has not aged since then.

In the video, Ashley is lip-synching an iconic scene from the first Twilight movie, where Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, asks Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattison, his age.

Ashley mouths Edward’s response, “17”. Bella then questioned how long Edward has been that age, to which Ashley nails the line, “A while.”

Ashley was actually 21 when High School Musical first aired, which further reiterates the point that she’s ageless and looks great.

Ashley Tisdale is busy with Frenshe

Ashley has been busy with her health and wellness business, Frenshe. Frenshe was founded in 2020, and Ashley has said she created the company to build “a community-based platform where wellness didn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or inaccessible.”

The company’s website contains information regarding lifestyle, wellness, interiors, and beauty. The site also goes in-depth about Frenshe’s products, including “mood-boosting” fragrances. The scents are said to be “powered by science, designed to enhance your well-being and boost your mood.”

Frenshe’s products are sold in Target stores and on

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