Ashley Tisdale stuns in beach bikini to reveal what she’s struggling with

ashley tisdale bikini
Ashley Tisdale is getting vulnerable to discuss struggles and areas of her life that need improvement. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Ashley Tisdale is getting open and honest with fans as she discusses what she is struggling with in her life today.

The mother of one took to social media to share the top five life areas she sought to improve.

The video montage featured the High School Musical actress in various places that corresponded with an area where she desired improvement.

The themes present in Ashley’s video included work-life balance, self-acceptance, self-worth, and releasing control.

The white text over the clip read, “5 things I’m struggling with right now.”

The video began with Ashley placing her head in her hand and looking off into the distance. Her blonde tresses were in a center part with loose waves as the pensive-looking Ashley reflected.

Ashley Tisdale reveals main struggles in her life

The first struggle Ashley revealed involved work-life balance. The footage showed Ashley sitting on a stool in front of a large camera in a flannel and jeans as she worked on a project with text that read, “Balancing work.” The clip jumped to Ashley’s daughter and read, “and being a mom.”

Next, Ashley appeared on the beach with a cozy cardigan and orange bikini bottoms. Her next struggle was “Learning to go with the flow of life when it surprises you.”

She also expressed a desire to work on her relationship, writing, “Creating space for my relationship with my husband.”
Ashley looked at her reflection in a mirror with a fluffy white robe from her bathroom. She said she wanted to work on loving her body, although it’s not perfect.

Finally, Ashley appeared with her face in her hands in front of a line of products. She wrote that she needed to feel worthy of success.

Ashley Tisdale talks about self-care and self-love

Self-care and self-love are two areas that are important to Ashley.

She opened up to PEOPLE about her line, Being Frenshe, and how she incorporated self-care into her daily life.

Ashley explained, “I believe that self-care starts with self-love and that self-love is getting to know yourself and really allowing yourself to literally take a moment out of your day for yourself, not for someone else.”

Ashley continued, “I think that’s so important that we make moments of self-care a part of our every day because it really does help you; it helps me in everything that I do. Being a mom and trying to do the work-life balance, at the end of the day I might feel depleted.”

Ashley also discussed her nightly rituals and alone time that she used to replenish and recharge.

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