Ashley Tisdale relaxes in her happy place

Ashley Tisdale at the Snatched World premiere
Ashley Tisdale is showing where she goes to relax. Pic credit: ©

Ashley Tisdale certainly knows how to relax and The High School Musical star proved it by sharing a bathtime soak with her fans.

Ashley is seen laying in a wooden tub with a matching wooden tray that holds a white candle and a bottle of one of her Frenshe products.

Ashley’s hair is wet and slicked back, and she is wearing a dark top to keep herself covered. One of her hands is placed on her shoulder, while the other is on her hair.

Ashley’s face is makeup free, and she is seen wearing three earrings in one ear as she relaxes with her eyes closed.

In a second photo, Ashley is laying down in the tub of water with the water coming up to her neck.

Ashley posted the photos on Instagram to share them with her 15.2 million followers. She captioned the post, “This really is my happy place,” and tagged her company Frenshe in it.

Ashley Tisdale speaks out about her mental health

Ashley is no stranger to speaking out about her mental health. She has suffered from anxiety and depression for a while now, first discussing her mental health issues on a podcast with Dr. Deepika Chopra back in 2020.

Since opening up about her mental health, the 37-year-old mother of daughter Jupiter has been very honest with her followers about the steps she takes to get her mental health in check.

In an Instagram post, Ashley discussed the steps that she takes to prioritize herself and her mental health. The post has a series of photos that capture some of the things she does, such as journaling, meditation, and therapy.

In the caption, Ashley wrote, “I wanted to share the little everyday things I do to show up for myself. Some days my anxiety totally overwhelms me, but I try to push through to do these things no matter what to help me feel better and avoid repeating bad patterns in the past. Let me know what you do to prioritize your mental health!”

Ashley Tisdale hosts a Being Frenshe pop-up shop

Ashley’s company Frenshe has been around for a couple of years now and sells products in Target stores and online nationwide. But recently, Ashley took the wellness company on the road, hosting a pop-up shop in a Being Frenshe truck.

On Instagram, Ashley posted a video of the pop-up shop, and the line for it stretched around the block. Ashley made and served matcha lattes for the customers and also gave out other goodies.

Ashley asked her followers where she should go next, so some Disney fans might be able to see Sharpay Evans in their town soon.

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