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Ashley Tisdale all legs for ice-cold plunge bath

Ashley Tisdale close up
Ashley Tisdale close up. Pic credit: ©

Ashley Tisdale has braved a freezing-cold plunge bath as she prioritizes her well-being over comfort. The High School Musical alum is known for championing self-care on her Instagram, and her latest display came with a trend that’s popular, despite not being new.

Ashley showed her 14 million+ followers how her outdoor plunge bath routine goes, braving the cold and seen psyching herself up to get in while in a leggy shorts look.

Ashley Tisdale braves cold plunge bath for a whole minute

The video, which has now topped 500,000 views, showed the 36-year-old standing at the edge of a white tub and near bushes as she wore a baggy gray tee and matching shorts. Hiking one leg up to the edge of the tub, but seemingly not yet ready to get in, the actress asked: “Are you sure this is ok?” as a male voice (trainer Harley Pasternak) was heard egging her on.

“But you went through childbirth!” Harley reminded Ashley.

“I think I’m only gonna last three seconds,” Tisdale continued, eventually getting in and seemingly struggling with the cold temperatures. She stayed in for a whole minute while breathing heavily against the cold, eventually hitting the milestone and saying: “I feel good.”

A caption then explained the benefits of cold plunge baths, reading:

“The things @harleypasternak makes me do… but as he said, cold plunges help reduce inflammation, combat negative thoughts and stress and helps you feel more present. So I guess I’ll keep freezing 🥶.”

Celebrity trainer Harley is also known for having worked with singer Jessica Simpson, actress Megan Fox, plus Oscar winner Halle Berry.

Ashley Tisdale ups her wellness game

It’s wellness galore on Ashley’s Instagram, where trusty techniques including yoga and Pilates are often interwoven with a little product plugging. Back in April, the blonde delivered a backyard yoga stretch as she promoted an ab trainer, telling fans:

“Taking a moment to be present in my body and showing gratitude for it’s strength. ☀️ The journey this past year back to loving my body has been a hard one but I’m SO thankful for all it’s done for me.”

She added: “You guys know I had diastasis recti from being pregnant that really affected my confidence but doing things like yoga, pilates and my #EmsculptNeo ‘work outs’ that have gotten me back to feeling myself. I feel healthy and have found ways to strengthen my body that don’t drain me. That’s what it’s all about.”

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