Ashley Graham gets hyped up for Harmless Harvest

Ashley Graham attends a public event.
Ashley Graham shared her favorite go-to drink while giving parenting tips. Pic credit: ©

Ashley Graham is a woman of many talents, and the famous model shared insight into more of her not-so-well-known strengths as she got hyped up for Harmless Harvest smoothies.

The 35-year-old glass ceiling-breaker, who made a name for herself after becoming the first plus-sized model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016, hopped on her social media page this week to get followers jazzed about the beverage company while sharing fun snippets of her parenting methods.

Wearing a bright pink shirt and leaving her brown hair in a glossy cascade over her shoulders, the mother-of-three brightened up the internet with her smile and commanding voice as she leaned over the counter for a casual discussion.

“I love me some Harmless Harvest organic smoothies,” Ashley exclaimed at the beginning of her video clip.

“What makes them so delicious is that they’re sweet, but they’re not too sweet,” she continued, adding that they reminded her of how she chooses to parent her three sons.

Ashley joked that she and her husband, Justin Ervin, like making even mundane chores appear thrilling and adventurous, and they have found success in phrasing them the right way.

Ashley Graham compares Harmless Harvest to her parenting methods

“What we do is we say, ‘Okay, Isaac, we’re going on a mission,’ when really, we’re just going to take the trash out,” she said with a laugh, adding that it seemed to follow the Harmless Harvest model of being “sweet, but not too sweet.”

Ashley paused her informational clip to take a big drink from one of her smoothie bottles before telling followers that there is no added sugar in any of the coconut-based beverages.

She added that she sneaks in some sweetness when addressing Isaac’s resistance to tooth brushing and eating his vegetables, focusing on her three-year-old in her monologue because her twin boys are just one year old.

“…I’m sure you all have your own stories about finding the right balance as a parent, so how do you find that perfect sweet, but not too sweet spot?” she invited her fans to mull over as a final thought while tagging the company in her caption.

While the star’s recent Instagram post made it clear that she is not only a fan of Harmless Harvest but has also likely teamed up with the brand to support them, Ashley has also lent her famous moniker and face to promote Knix.

Ashley Graham joins forces with Knix

As reported by Monsters and Critics this year, Ashley’s frequent decisions to rock Knix activewear for her workouts are partly driven by the fact that she recently teamed up with the company for the Ashley Graham X Knix line.

Founded in 2013 by Joanna Griffiths, Knix aims to provide women with intimates and sportswear that support each individual’s body type so users can be “Free from judgment. Free from self-doubt. Free to be yourself.”

When Ashley joined the company to bring her own take to the line by offering even more plus-sized options so that all women could feel included, the model made sure to do her part to spread the word.

Launching a nationwide search for plus-sized women to join her in an Ashley Graham x Knix intimates campaign shoot.

Items in the line range from leakproof underwear to bedroom attire to activewear and even swimwear, with prices ranging from as low as $42 for the Luxe Modal Pullover Lounge bra to a more hefty tag of $105 for their Leakproof Wrap One-Piece swimsuit.

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