Ashley Graham dons purple bikini for pool shoot

Ashley Graham's face up close
Ashley Graham showed off her Knix collab. Pic credit: © Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Ashley Graham made quite a splash as the celebrated model heading south of the border to create magical content.

As a renowned curvy model, Ashley has consistently broken barriers and challenged conventional beauty standards in the fashion industry. 

Recognized for her advocacy of body positivity and self-love, Ashley has become an inspiring figure for women all around the world. 

Luckily for fans, her latest post was no exception, with another fabulous set of looks.

Ashley collaborated with Knix, an innovative intimate apparel brand. Together, Ashley and Knix delivered an unforgettable photoshoot that was sure to get everyone talking.

Ashley’s 20.3 million Instagram followers were among the first to see the content.

Ashley Graham serves looks in multiple Knix bikinis

The beautiful shoot appeared via a seven-part post on Ashley’s Instagram profile. 

Given Ashley’s status as a trailblazer for curvy models, it’s no surprise that she would partner with a forward-thinking company like Knix. The brand’s dedication to crafting comfortable and stylish products tailored for women of all sizes made it a perfect match for Ashley.

The first image from the Ashley Graham X Knix collaboration post saw the model lounging in a pool and posing on a ledge. She glowed under the sun, wearing the Deep V Bikini Top in Purple, which retails for $55.

Next, Ashley hopped out of the pool, pointing her toe and pivoting her hips. Lush greenery and bluish-green water served as a picturesque backdrop.

For the second image, Ashley donned the Scoop Bikini Top in Lava, retailing for $55.00. She paired the brightly-colored top with the Ultra High Rise Bikini Swim Bottom in Lava, retailing for $50.

A swipe right saw Ashley in the pool again, wearing a Classic One Piece Swimsuit in Black, retailing for $95.

Ashley closed the carousel wearing the Deep V Bikini Top in Tidepool, with a price tag of $55.

In a caption accompanying the post, Ashley called the Knix garments functional and fierce.

Overall, the post was a great way to promote Ashley’s latest endeavor.

Ashley Graham discusses her Knix collaboration

In 2022, Ashley and Knix released their first collaboration, which received rave reviews.

Ashley sang the praises of Knix, highlighting the body positivity and inclusivity of the brand. 

The model described the ethos of the swimsuit line, explaining it was “the embodiment of women feeling empowered, sexy, comfortable, and confident at any stage of their life.”

As Ashley explained, sexy and comfort weren’t two qualities that innately went together in the garment world.

Ashley continued, “It was really about comfort and sexy combined. We really haven’t seen the two intertwined to the degree I’m striving for constantly.” 

Fans can check out the collab on Ashley Graham X Knix site.

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