Ashley Benson stuns in plunging dress with a bold red lip

Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson shows off her latest black-and-white look. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

The truth of the matter is that not everyone can pull off bright, red lipstick or tops with plunging necklines. Ashley Benson happens to be an actress who can pull off both.

Her recent Instagram Story highlights the fact that she really knows how to be fashion-forward, and also knows a thing or two about perfecting the ideal makeup look for a night on the town.

Ashley’s new selfie is stunning for a multitude of reasons, including the bright red lipstick that makes her look sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

Her red acrylic nails perfectly match her chosen shade of lipstick as well.

She’s wearing a black and white patterned top with a plunging neckline that reveals a lot of skin.

In terms of jewelry, the Pretty Little Liars actress generally isn’t the type to slip up in that department. She’s rocking two necklaces stacked on top of each other in a glamorous way.

Ashley Benson is edgy and classy at the same time

The higher necklace is silver with a rectangle-shaped charm while the lower necklace is made up of gold chains.

Ashley isn’t wearing any rings, but the tattoos she has on her fingers are easily visible for fans to see.

Ashley Benson
Pic credit: @ashleybenson/Instagram

She also has earrings on, although they’re slightly hidden by strands of her hair. Her bright, blonde hair is slicked back into either a ponytail or bun.

Along with the red lipstick, she’s also wearing eyebrow tint, mascara, a bit of smudged eyeliner, and some blush on her cheekbones.

This isn’t the first time Ashley Benson has shown skin on Instagram

During the springtime, Ashley posted a photo thread with three pics wearing a slightly revealing outfit.

In the first shot, she’s leaning over her bathroom sink wearing a matching lingerie set with a fishnet tank top draped over.

The second picture in the thread shows off the complete outfit with a leather jacket, leather skirt, and leather over-the-knee boots, while the third photo in the thread is a zoomed-in shot of Ashley’s face.

Her lips are puckered up and covered in a natural shade of pink lipstick.

It’s clear she’s wearing mascara and smudged eyeliner, but it’s unclear if she is wearing any blush or bronzer.

Ashley has been known to go back-and-forth between blonde hair and brunette hair, but in this particular thread, her hair remains on the lighter side.

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