Ashley Benson shares mouthwatering culinary feast

Ashley Benson face
Ashley Benson enjoyed a luxurious meal. Pic credit: ©

Ashley Benson is living her best life with a new rumored beau and some luxurious bites.

The blonde beauty has been active on social media over the weekend, including her Instagram page.

A special man even made an appearance on her Instagram Stories.

For those out of the loop, Ashley is rumored to be dating billionaire hei, Brandon Davis. Some might remember him as Paris Hilton’s friend, who ranted about Lindsay Lohan in a viral paparazzi snap.

The oil heir has lived a bit more low-key since then, and it appears that he and Ashley have connected as more than friends.

Ashley shared some gorgeous shots from what looked like a date night.

The ASH by Ashley Benson founder posted a luxury snack that was definitely fit for a billionaire.

Ashley Benson enjoys luxurious date night after Brandon Davis rumors intensify

The first image showed Ashley in selfie mode, striking a pose on a hotel bed. She looked super chic, with her blonde tresses in a bun and a sheer black crop top. The Pretty Little Liars alum paired the black shirt with matching jeans and a statement belt for stylish vibes.

Next, Ashley shared a picture of a beautiful charcuterie spread with tender prosciutto, burrata, and tomatoes. There was also thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi in the background.

The third shot showed another stunning selfie and another fabulous ensemble. Ashley rocked a layered necklace and a plunging neckline for the restaurant selfie.

Finally, Ashley posted a picture of her very expensive dinner, and dirty martinis were on the menu. 

On the table, Ashley and her date paired the martinis with a timeless delicacy and all the fixings for the ultimate taste experience. A bowl of caviar sat on ice, maintaining the optimal temperature for the feeding extravaganza.

The actress let the photos do the talking, choosing three lemon emojis for her caption.

Judging by the recent post, some might be surprised at Ashley’s diet.

Ashley Benson’s diet secrets

When it comes to Ashley’s diet, it seems to be unconventional — to say the least.

It isn’t simply caviar and yellowtail on the menu.

Ashley spoke to Delish about her dieting choices, revealing she wasn’t much of a cook.

The ex of G Eazy revealed, “I barely cook—I’m really bad at cooking. I can make deviled eggs, maybe, but that’s about it.” 

Furthermore, Ashley loves eating donuts, revealing she ate one daily for a snack or breakfast.

Ashley revealed that she ate a salad for lunch when trying to be healthy. If not, she went for a cheeseburger.

Similarly, Ashley’s dinner menu depended on her state of mind, switching between fish and another cheeseburger.

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